Tuesday, February 14, 2012

McDonald's vs. Jack in the Box

An anecdote.
The other night David and I were out in town, and we were thirsty. We decided to stop for some water at a drive-through. McDonalds was near, so we pulled in there, and David spoke into the box to order our water. I'll try my best to recreate the conversation that ensued. It will not be verbatim, which is a shame, because verbatim would be awesome, but it will be an accurate representation of what actually happened.

McDonald's kid: Can I interest you in our chicken something or other?
David: No you cannot. Can I just get the biggest cup of water you have?
M K: The biggest water we can give you is some bottled water, and that would be $2.
D: I just want a big cup of water. I'm willing to pay for it.
M K: We can't do that.
D: I'll just pay you for a large soda, but we want water instead.
M K: Our policy won't let us do that.
D: What if I ordered a Sprite, dumped it down the drain, went to the bathroom and filled it up with water? Could I do that?
M K: Yes.
D: Can you do it for me, so I don't have to get out of the car?
M K: No.
David and I share exhasperated laughs and looks.
D: What if I ordered a Sprite, you fill it up, clock out, dump the Sprite down the drain, go to the bathroom and fill it up with water, give us the water, and then clock back in?
Long pause.....
A different McDonalds kid: Can I help you?
D: Yeah, we just want some water. I'm willing to pay for it.
D M K: Our policy is to only sell small cups of water, and that would be 50 cents.
Me: Let's just go to Jack in the Box.
David laughs: Dude, we just want some water. I have to laugh. This is ridiculous.

Then we go to Jack in the Box

Here is the conversation there.
Jack in the Box dude: What can I get for you?
David: Can we just get a large water?
JBD: Of course.
We pull up to the window.
JBD hands us the water and says: That will be two dollars.
David goes to hand him a five dollar bill.
JBD: Haha, no charge. You have a great attitude though. Fist bump.
Then we chat with him about how it's his birthday and he doesn't look 28. We leave with our free large water.

We consider going back to McDonalds to show them what good customer service looks like, but don't.
It was so ridiculous, it was hilarious.


Tawnya said...

Made me laugh, you did a great job representin'!!!

Michelle_Alayne said...

That happened to us once. So annoying. It doesn't make sense that they just cant give you a cup of water. It's water for crying out loud.

angela said...