Thursday, April 19, 2012


Greetings, fellow bloggers and readers.  I am back in the blogging world, but it was time for change. Check out my new blog. 
You can keep up with my new family this way.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A day with the kids

Yesterday I had a little test run, having all four kids. It was fun! And the kids did so great together. I'm so happy for Morgan to have brothers to play with. He's spent too much time being bored, and now he'll not get the chance. :)
The video is of them on the swing set. Morgan was being brave/dangerous.

William and Owen stayed the night, so they were here in the morning for breakfast. 

 It was a BEAUTIFUL day, so we spent a lot of time outside.
The next door neighbors have a horse that the boys wanted to feed. 
It was a fun day. I am so excited to be a full-time mommy to all of the kids. My life is going so well right now, and I feel so blessed.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

McDonald's vs. Jack in the Box

An anecdote.
The other night David and I were out in town, and we were thirsty. We decided to stop for some water at a drive-through. McDonalds was near, so we pulled in there, and David spoke into the box to order our water. I'll try my best to recreate the conversation that ensued. It will not be verbatim, which is a shame, because verbatim would be awesome, but it will be an accurate representation of what actually happened.

McDonald's kid: Can I interest you in our chicken something or other?
David: No you cannot. Can I just get the biggest cup of water you have?
M K: The biggest water we can give you is some bottled water, and that would be $2.
D: I just want a big cup of water. I'm willing to pay for it.
M K: We can't do that.
D: I'll just pay you for a large soda, but we want water instead.
M K: Our policy won't let us do that.
D: What if I ordered a Sprite, dumped it down the drain, went to the bathroom and filled it up with water? Could I do that?
M K: Yes.
D: Can you do it for me, so I don't have to get out of the car?
M K: No.
David and I share exhasperated laughs and looks.
D: What if I ordered a Sprite, you fill it up, clock out, dump the Sprite down the drain, go to the bathroom and fill it up with water, give us the water, and then clock back in?
Long pause.....
A different McDonalds kid: Can I help you?
D: Yeah, we just want some water. I'm willing to pay for it.
D M K: Our policy is to only sell small cups of water, and that would be 50 cents.
Me: Let's just go to Jack in the Box.
David laughs: Dude, we just want some water. I have to laugh. This is ridiculous.

Then we go to Jack in the Box

Here is the conversation there.
Jack in the Box dude: What can I get for you?
David: Can we just get a large water?
JBD: Of course.
We pull up to the window.
JBD hands us the water and says: That will be two dollars.
David goes to hand him a five dollar bill.
JBD: Haha, no charge. You have a great attitude though. Fist bump.
Then we chat with him about how it's his birthday and he doesn't look 28. We leave with our free large water.

We consider going back to McDonalds to show them what good customer service looks like, but don't.
It was so ridiculous, it was hilarious.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Target shooting

 For those of you who don't know, (are there any?) I have a David. Oh so handsome.
On my Dad's birthday, we went target shooting.  Morgan got to try a couple times. He's kind of trigger happy. Like, he'll pull it the second his finger is on it, without aiming first. Anyway, David taught Morgan what to do. Starting with the stance.
Then he showed him how to hold the gun.

 Told him how to aim...
 Then inserted the bullet for the shoot.
 This time Morgan is shooting a gun my grandpa bought used when he was a little boy. It's a tiny rifle, perfect for little hands.

It was a fun time. It would have been much more fun if it weren't so windy and cold.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Up again!

Hey all, I have some exciting news for me. I've re-published Future Glimpse. This time it has better editing, a different cover, and best for you, is available for a better price. Right now it is only available to buy on, but soon it will be on Amazon and pubit. Pubit will be the ebook version.
Check it out:

Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 10 of 2011

It's that time of year again, when I recap the last year with a top ten. Remember, this just means most memorable, or most significant. Not the best things, necessarily. In 2009 and 2010, most things in the top ten were negative. (They were not good years.) This year was substantially better. Let's see if it's reflected in my top ten...
First, let me tell you how I came into the year. I was recovering from cholecystectomy, (gallbladder removal surgery) I was recovering from a broken heart and broken spirit, I was still married, but living with my parents. I was cynical. I was angry. I was bitter. 
And now, my top ten, in chronological order:

1. New Car- In January I got a new car. It kind of had a symbolic meaning to me. I'd traded in the old family SUV for something that would suit just me and my kids. It was the first big purchase I'd done alone. It was liberating, in a way.

2.Volleyball League- In the beginning of the year, my family made a volleyball team and joined a league. We didn't win, but it was fun. It was a great distraction from other things in life.

3. Job-In the summer, for the first time since Morgan's been born, I got a job. Even though I just worked in a cornfield, I really liked it. I got to listen to audio books all day, meet some awesome people, get more fit, and feel more independent. But I didn't like having to leave my children with babysitters, even though they were competent family that I trust. So, when my babysitter had her own baby, I made the decision to stay home with my kids, and go to school the next semester, even though it meant I'd have to live with my parent's a little longer. I really feel like this is right for right now. My kids are priority.

4. Divorce- On July 11, 2010, the courts messed up in my favor. They wanted to delay my divorce for a silly reason, but the papers got stamped anyway. So, although I didn't know it till later, my divorce was finally finalized on July 11. I'd had to wait for my kids to have Idaho residency before filing, and then there were lots of issues to work through, so it took that long. When I announced to my mother that I was divorced, she asked how I was, if it made me sad. Um. NO! The sad had passed months before. It felt more like Christmas; like I could finally start living my life again.

5. Self-Publish- Throughout the spring and summer, I was working on getting the rights back for Future Glimpse so I could self-publish, or seek other representation. It was a battle, and many told me to give up, to give in, but I was kind of tired of being walked on, so I stuck it out. And I'm glad I did. I have the full rights again, and will soon be putting my book back on the market. So, watch out. I'm done being a doormat.

6. First Date- In August I had my first post-divorce date. It was a blind date, and we doubled with my brother and sister-in-law. I had a ton of fun. I have it on the top ten list because of what it represents. It wasn't my only date, and not even my best, but it was the first, and so significant.

7. Lydia's First Birthday- September 2, my baby turned one. She's energetic, crazy, happy, busy, adorable, loud, and fun, and everyone loves her. Especially me.

8. Skye Bloo- In November I finished my second book! It was a two+ year project, and a great day when the story was all down. I still have editing and proof reading, but I've already started the list of agents to send it to.

9. Prison Choir- I joined a choir with my sister in the fall. Dec. 18th we went to 4 different prisons and sang for their LDS church service Christmas program. It was an incredible experience that I wished I had blogged about earlier. We had to go through electrified, locked, gates, past guards, through many locked doors, past the guard dogs. And that wasvafter background checks, and metal -detectors. But when we'd get to the chapel or room designated for church, it was completely different. The Spirit was strong, and many "hardened criminals" got very emotional. And when they'd shake our hands afterward, their thanks was sincere. It was kind of strange how sharing the message of Christ through song made me feel so bonded with the people in prison. I didn't expect it. I learned a lot about love that day. (And it wasn't even because of the man who asked me to write to him...)

10. Forgiving- I'll put this here at the end, because I can't place the time it happened. It's been a gradual process, and I guess I don't know for sure if it's complete. But even though I entered 2011 as an angry, bitter, broken, woman, I left it completely different. No longer angry, but happy. Not bitter, hopeful. And not broken, but healed. When I realized how negatively I was being affected by my own bitterness, I prayed for the desire to forgive until I had it. And when I had it, I prayed for the ability and success. And that's basically what it took. Praying. I can't think of anything I did that brought me to this point, other than asking for it. What a blessing the Atonement is.

This has turned out very long-winded. I guess I had a lot to say about the year. It was one of growth and change, and I'm grateful for it.

Christmas and New Year

 Our family tradition growing up was to wake up on Christmas at 6:00. This tradition lasted until this year. We finally didn't wake up so early. (Thank you Casey, for not setting your alarm!) I expected Morgan to wake up a little early, out of the excitement, but it was 7:10 when I finally got up. I had to, since we had to have our Christmas stuff before going to our 9:00 church.
So, I went and woke Morgan up.
Me: Morgan, do you know what day it is?
Morgan: Christmas. (In a very groggy voice.)
Me: Yes! Don't you want to go see what Santa brought?
Morgan: *rolls over* I'm just so tired!

I don't know what planet Morgan is from.
We eventually all went upstairs.
Casey, Mom, Lydia, and Cameron.
Morgan got a Bumblebee transformer from Santa. It's a little difficult for a five year old. In fact, it's a little difficult for a 27 year old...
 Lydia was pretty good at unwrapping presents, for a novice. That right there is her first toothbrush.
 Lydia got a baby doll and a bottle for the doll. But she misses bottles, so she tried it.
After presents, we hurried and got ready for church.
We spent the afternoon playing games and snacking on junk food. Oh. And talking to Jason on the phone! My missionary brother called, and it was fun to talk to him.

New Years Eve was fun. The day was spent with family, playing games. Morgan had a blast with his cousins. I had a blast with the adults. Then I put the kids to bed, and headed off to party. The first was a Murder Mystery Party. I've always wanted to go to one of those. I had fun, too! I got to play the role of Sniper, a character who was diagnosed with split personalities as a child, and as a result, had a double life as an adult. A politicians wife by day, and escort by night. It was actually very fun playing that part. Me trying to be seductive, is probably amusing. Actually, I know it's amusing, because I was amused.
I died second in the game.
That murder was solved at 11:30, then I booked it to a dance. I was driving alone in my car when midnight struck. Oh well. When I made it to the dance, there were three slow dances left. And guess what? This girl danced for all of them. I feel like I graduated from the girl who was lucky to dance once at the youth stake dances.
After the dance, I stopped at a bonfire. When my toes were too cold though, I went home. Thank goodness church changed to 11:00!