Thursday, July 29, 2010

Swimming Lessons End

Yesterday was Morgan's last day of swimming lessons. I do notice a difference in him from the first day till now. He certainly can't swim, but he's more confident in the water. And while he still won't put his face under water by himself, he doesn't freak out as much when he is dunked. Like bellow, they are doing bunny hops to the wall. Meaning they got dunked several times on the way to the wall.

The kids got to go off the diving board and down the slide a couple times. The slide is kind of lame. Most times the kids go really slowly, and stop before they get to the end. Then they have to scootch off the edge.

Morgan LOVES anything involving jumping, so jumping off the diving board is a big treat for him. This is the only way that he will get his head wet by himself.
He can pretty much surface by himself after jumping in. He just needs help getting back to the edge of the pool.

Morgan got a little certificate, which I reckon oughta go in the baby book. He also got a grape soda. He was excited for it until he realized that it's "spicy." He still can't handle carbonation.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Yesterday morning I sent Morgan into his bedroom to get his swimming suit on for swimming lessons. He was taking his time. Then I heard a HUGE CRASH. Morgan's cry followed immediately. However, it wasn't the kind of cry that speeds your steps or makes your heart jump. However, the crash sped my steps. So, I did my quick waddle down the hall and into his room and was greeted with this lovely sight.

From what I can gather, Morgan couldn't find his suit immediately and so was climbing open drawers to look in the top drawer. That drawer happens to be empty, but he didn't know. I don't know how he managed NOT to end up underneath the large piece of furniture, but I'm sure glad he didn't. Were that the case, I'm sure it really would have been his cry that caused me to try to run.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This is how Morgan frequently sleeps. His arms under his head, legs spread. It amuses me. So chill. He's always been a back sleeper.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stolen camping pictures

I never seem to take enough pictures while camping or doing other fun things. Thankfully my family members do a better job. I stole these from their facebook pages or google buzz.

Cute boys with camping faces.

A fun picture taken by Chris, I believe.
Grandma, Morgan, and Emmy. Those two kiddos are great friends.Christine pulling most of the kids.
The camp.

I think Grandma caught this funny expression of my dirty boy.Playing in the river. I'm the pregnant half-body.

I love this one of my boys. I think their expressions are very similar. Morgan loved getting rides.
This is the Boise river. It was very cold water.

That's me. Big tummy.
When the kids are in bed, the real fun begins.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby blanket

So I finished the baby blanket I was crocheting.

I don't hate it. And it's nice and soft.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Morgan started swimming lessons on Monday. He will have three weeks of classes Mon-Wed. So he just finished off his first week. I've noticed some improvement from him, but that's mostly in staying where the teachers put him.
So, the first day of lessons we walk across the street to the pool. Morgan is very excited to go swimming. His swimming teacher was his nursery leader at one point, so she knows him and he knows her. Morgan walks toward the pool. The shallowest this pool gets is 4 ft. deep. Morgan has only ever been in the pool with me and Aaron, and he almost always wears a life jacket. So when his teacher told him to get in, he said, "Where's my life jacket?" And when he didn't get one, he insisted on entering the pool via the stairs. His teacher went over to meet him there, but another little boy beat Morgan to it. While the teacher was carrying the first boy to the wall, Morgan kept going down the stairs. I didn't quite see how it happened, maybe he just jumped in, but soon he was standing on the bottom of the pool with a foot of water over his head. The teacher was near by and scooped him up, but from that moment on, Morgan was pretty terrified that first day.
The kids would all be sitting in the little gutter thing or hanging onto the wall, and Morgan kept climbing out of the pool completely because he was scared. And everytime it was his turn to try a float with a teacher, he would freak out thinking he would be dropped or something.
He chilled out a lot the second day. Today he even stayed inside the pool and hung on to the wall like the rest of the kids.
Still, he is one of the worst listeners in the class. He'd rather be splashing the other kids or spitting water than listening to the teachers explain what they will be doing next. This is why he is always so surprised when he is dunked under the water. Most of the kids are okay putting their entire heads under. Morgan HATES it. He always comes up spluttering and spitting and frantic, even if it's a quick bob underneath.
But he has fun.
I took pictures today.
This is Morgan doing the ship float across the pool while kicking his feet.
Here he is getting dunked. He's supposed to hum while going under the water. That way his mouth will be closed and no water will go up his nose. He doesn't do this and ALWAYS opens his mouth when he goes down. It's funny because he kind of gets his revenge on his teachers when he comes out, since he sprays them in their faces with a jet of water from his mouth.

Here he's swimming across the pool with his windmill arms.
Morgan's class has grown each day. I think they are up to ten students now. Here's Morgan's waiting for his turn to do something with half the class.
Mr. Cheese.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Running through the sprinkler

I was watering the lawn yesterday when it became evident that Morgan wanted to get wet in the sprinkler. So, I told him to take off his shirt and have at it. And he did. Soon his lips were blue and he was shivering, but it took a lot of coaxing to get him inside.

He did this endlessly. Crouch and fill up his mouth with water...
Hold it in....
Go somewhere else and spit, (or dribble) all of it out.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fun at the playground

We go to playgrounds fairly frequently, but I rarely bring a camera. So, here are some shots of Morgan playing.

A couple weeks ago he was terrified of doing this bridge thing, even with Daddy's help. No problem now!

Depending on what you are wearing, or how big your hips are, you will stop before you get to the end of this slide. But I guess Morgan's shorts were especially slippery, because he went shooting off the end and ended up on his bottom. Oops.

The park we usually go to doesn't have swings, so they are still kind of a novelty for Morgan.

Such a bright sun in his eyes. I kept telling him to look at me, but this is as good as it got. :)