Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Yesterday morning I sent Morgan into his bedroom to get his swimming suit on for swimming lessons. He was taking his time. Then I heard a HUGE CRASH. Morgan's cry followed immediately. However, it wasn't the kind of cry that speeds your steps or makes your heart jump. However, the crash sped my steps. So, I did my quick waddle down the hall and into his room and was greeted with this lovely sight.

From what I can gather, Morgan couldn't find his suit immediately and so was climbing open drawers to look in the top drawer. That drawer happens to be empty, but he didn't know. I don't know how he managed NOT to end up underneath the large piece of furniture, but I'm sure glad he didn't. Were that the case, I'm sure it really would have been his cry that caused me to try to run.


Mormon Surrogate said...

How scary! My kids are all climbers too. Glad he didn't get caught underneath.

Lora Dawn said...

Glad he wasn't hurt.

And the good news is - - - A crash can be a swifter teacher than a mother's warning voice.

Anonymous said...

Oh how scary. I bet Morgan won't do that again.

A.Lee said...

That would have freaked me out badly! So glad he is okay. I'm sure there was an angel or two that prevented him from being flattened by the dresser.