Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mountain Home DOES have mountains!

We just got back from our annual Martin family camping trip. This year we went to an area North East (I think) of Mountain Home.
We left our home Wednesday evening, when Aaron got off work. We didn't arrive at the campsite until 12:30. My parents got up and helped us set up the tent and get everything ready.

The next morning Morgan woke up to the voices of his cousins. He had no more interest in staying in bed. And from then on, Morgan was busy busy busy. He played and played and hardly ever wanted mommy. Also from that point on, Morgan was filthy. There was no getting him cleaned! You will perhaps notice that every picture of him shows an extremely dirty face and hands. I even tried to clean him sometimes.

One day we took a little ride to the Boise river. Two adults to a four wheeler and the grandchildren in a heavy duty wagon deal being pulled behind the grandparents.

The water was freezing, but a fun little trip nonetheless.

We took turns on a big ATV ride. I went with Aaron, my dad, and Christine, my sis-in-law. The ride was supposed to be long, but for us it was especially long due to incorrect maps. The rest of the group went the next day, but they just had to follow the GPS route that we created. Anyway, that was fun, but kind of exhausting. 4 1/2-5 hours of tense muscles on an ATV will wear you out.

Morgan liked getting little rides as well.

The adults played a lot of games. Yay for games!

We had days to cook. I liked it when it wasn't our day. :) My Mom is a great camp cook though. I think we ate better while camping than we do at home.

I found Morgan hanging out with Sadie, my brother's dog. It was cute.

One day we all drove up to a ghost town nearby. We had our expectations way too high. The ghost town was very occupied by unfriendly people who didn't seem to want visitors. Plus, there were only 3 or so buildings that were even cool to see. But not cool enough that I felt compelled to take a picture.

After a couple days of getting all dirty, we rigged up a shower. Dad brought the portable camping shower thing, and we used our little canopy with tarps for the stall. It worked fairly well. Clean is good.

Monday morning we got up, ate breakfast, packed up, then left.

When we got home I gave Morgan a bath. He had gross, black, boogers, because of all the dirt. I tried to scrub that clean and boy did Morgan protest. So I said, "Morgan, I have to clean off all your yucky, black, boogers." And he replied, "No, I want them; because they're mine!"

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angela said...

Love that dirty face, so cute with the dog pic. I'm so glad to learn the Mountain Home has Mountains. I always wondered about that. You guys do such fun things. Whens' your due date?