Friday, September 30, 2011

Family pictures

Last week we went and got our family pictures taken. I've been meaning to do this for quite some time, and was very excited about it. I asked my friend Jessica to take our pictures, because she is an amazing photographer and I have loved the photos she's taken for her business Busy Bee Photography. I'd highly recommend her! She is great with kids too, Morgan loved her.

I got the CD of pictures from her yesterday, so prepare for an overload. I still need to decide which pictures I will want to print to hang up and display. So if you wanted to cast a vote, that would be awesome. :)

First up, the family pictures.

Next up: Siblings. The second is my favorite.

Now the Morgster.

I love the next two.

And sweet baby Lydia.


I love the pictures. It makes me think that other people can see what I get to see all the time. The pictures I take are never so accurate at catching their themness and beauty.

So, grandparents, let me know which are your particular favorites, or just the ones that you would like, and which sizes. Also, Aunt Teresa, if you read this, could you maybe show Grandma and Grandpa, and have them choose a favorite or two or three? Thanks!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Milestone!

Look what I can finally do!

First ponytail.

I'm not tired

First, an announcement. Lydia is in a forward facing carseat now. Yay!

Anyway, so, Lydia often falls asleep when she is in the car. But Lydia doesn't like going to sleep, so she fights it. Here she is losing the fight. However, the bottle hasn't completely dropped so the fight isn't over yet.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby Bum

This cracks me up. Look at the difference in the size of the tooshie of my babies. And thighs.

Here is Morgan at a year old....and Lydia.

Love it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Being Silly

We were taking pictures of ourselves the other morning. Keep in mind, this was soon after we got up, so Lydie is the only one even dressed for the day.

Family shot. Oh, but don't worry. Today we went and got REAL family pictures taken by my friend Jessica, with Busy Bee Photography. I'm super excited to see the pictures!
Now the silly face.
My girl and me. She'd rather be doing something else.
Cute siblings.

Me and my handsome boy.
Morgan took a picture of me too.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Time for a haircut

Morgan needed another haircut, (crazy how much that happens) so I got out the clippers. Because cleanup is always a chore, I chose to cut the hair outside. Plus, I thought it would provide better entertainment for Morgan and Lydia.
At first I let Lydie wander around, but it soon became apparent that I would never get Morgan's haircut, because I had to constantly get Lydie away from the cat dish, or from the goatheads, or from the huge and disgusting animal bone in our yard. So it was to the stroller with her. She got bored.
Here is the before picture. Before his face was washed, and his hair was combed too, it looks like.

Here are some during. I trimmed the sides.

Oh, Morgan insisted that he wanted to look at Lydie the entire time his hair was getting cut, since she is so cute. And he stuck to his guns. I'm sure he looked away from her, but if I asked him to look to the side, or up, or down, he protested on grounds that he wanted to look at Lydia.

After a very long time, I was done. I am slow at cutting hair, Morgan is super wiggly, and there were a lot of distractions. Morgan is not a fan of haircuts by Mommy, because they take too long. Maybe I'll get faster as he grows.
Anyway, finished product.
By the time I was done, Lydia was so ready to get out of the stroller.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Helper girl

When the dishwasher is opened, Lydia is eager to be right there, doing dishes. Today when my mom starting loading the dishwasher, Lydie toddled into the kitchen, and cackled in delight. Then of course she went and helped Grandma by removing all the silverware that must have been put in by accident. Though, these pictures are from a different day.

We can communicate!

Lydia is carrying a nursing cover.
This is how I know when Lydie is hungry. I see this more lately, because I am slowly weaning her. Now she only nurses first thing in the morning, and at bedtime. Oh, and in the middle of the night since she still wakes up for night time feedings. And in the middle of the night, I am generally too tired and incoherent to think about NOT feeding her. It's so much easier and quicker to just give her what she wants. :)