Friday, September 30, 2011

Family pictures

Last week we went and got our family pictures taken. I've been meaning to do this for quite some time, and was very excited about it. I asked my friend Jessica to take our pictures, because she is an amazing photographer and I have loved the photos she's taken for her business Busy Bee Photography. I'd highly recommend her! She is great with kids too, Morgan loved her.

I got the CD of pictures from her yesterday, so prepare for an overload. I still need to decide which pictures I will want to print to hang up and display. So if you wanted to cast a vote, that would be awesome. :)

First up, the family pictures.

Next up: Siblings. The second is my favorite.

Now the Morgster.

I love the next two.

And sweet baby Lydia.


I love the pictures. It makes me think that other people can see what I get to see all the time. The pictures I take are never so accurate at catching their themness and beauty.

So, grandparents, let me know which are your particular favorites, or just the ones that you would like, and which sizes. Also, Aunt Teresa, if you read this, could you maybe show Grandma and Grandpa, and have them choose a favorite or two or three? Thanks!


Smullin Family said...

So, so cute!
I think your favorites are mine too, plus #3 and #7 (family pics).

keith and arianne said...

They turned out so great, love them!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE the family one where you're sitting cross-legged. And the siblings one with the gray stone background.

jwilson said...

Those are great pictures.