Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The birthday party!

The party time of 4:00 came almost too quickly, so I left Christine and Mom to finish up decorating and I stole Lydia away to change her into her adorable birthday outfit.

I helped make the onesie, (though to be honest, Alisha was the brains and did most of the word) and I think it turned out really cute. We went and found the fabric, then used the iron on stuff to iron on our pattern, and iron it on to the onesie. And I bought the tutu in a moment of weakness. I don't regret it, neither!
So, while we waited for everyone to gather, the party goers admired Lydie's adorableness.

When everyone did gather, it was time to open presents. I held my one year old and helped her.
Arielle got everything on video, but I failed to get any pictures of her opening them. She did a pretty good job for a beginner! She got clothes, books, toys, a baby stroller, and a growth chart. Thanks to everyone who gave her gifts!
Lydia is sporting a cute hat from her Nelson Great-Grandparents.
Oh, party guests.

This toy caught her fancy right away. She loves pushing down the animals, but hasn't figured out how to make them pop up yet.
We waited a few minutes for a few more guests to arrive, then it was time for cake. I put a candle in the cupcake for Lydia. I lit it, put it closish to Lydie, when she reached for it, I blew it out and removed the candle, then gave her the cupcake. She was delighted. Just look at that pleased smirk.

She really wasn't shy about her treat.
She was generous too. She was ever so happy to share.

But mostly she wanted to eat it.

She was so happy to have the cake. She just sat there and giggled while she ate it.

All done. She finished the whole cupcake, and loved every bite.

After the cake, the party was over.

Happy Birthday, sassy girl. I'm so glad you're my daughter!


Smullin Family said...

A-DOR-A-BLE!!! She's looks so good.
Thanks for letting me get my hands on your was pure FUN for me. :)

Happy Birthday Sweet Lydia!!!

PS-The hat picture totally reminds me of a Morgan look.

Lora Dawn said...

Lydia looks like a frothy cupcake in her foo foo outfit. So sweet and adorable.

kura2025 said...

Oh goodness she is too cute! Happy Birthday Lydia!!! PS- In the picture where you're holding the lit cupcake, your hair looks gorgeous!