Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Birthday preparations

Lydia had her first birthday and party. I had been really looking forward to it for quite some time, and had been thinking about what I would do for the party, how I'd make the cake, what I would get her, etc. I was really excited!
Since most of my family was going to be gone on her birthday weekend, I decided to have the party on Labor Day. So on Saturday I did some major prep, under the guidance and direction of party planning extraordinair, Alisha. I went to her house and we made a super cute birthday banner, she showed me how to make flowers with balloons, and we even made onesie, special for her birthday.
Sunday I cut printed some letters and cut them out, (with Mom's help) for the banner. Morgan found the camera and asked if he could take some pictures. Why yes, thanks. But he caught me when I was leaning way under the table for the dropped letter.

Monday was very busy for me. I bathed kids, ran to the store for some last minute supplies,
made and decorated a cake, (a post on it's own) made balloon flowers, and decorated. The party was originally to be at 2:00. It is a good thing I changed it to 4:00, otherwise I would NOT have been ready. I was a bit late as it was.
Just before 4:00 I was finally ready to start decorating. Mom and Christine helped too, for which I am grateful.
Here is the banner we made at Alisha's. I think it's cute, and I'll try to save it for birthday's to come. More of the decorations.

The refreshment and cake table:
Next post will be about the misfortune that was the cake.


Smullin Family said...

Oh, everything looks so cute! Good job on the flowers and decorating.

Teresa Mataitusi said...

Love the balloon flowers! Great job, Melanie!