Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ward Campout

A couple weekends ago we went on a ward campout. We drove up with my parents, and even stayed with them in their tent trailer. It was at Camp Ee-De-Haw, or something, near Donnelly. I probably spelt that all wrong. It was on Cascade Lake.
We went up on Thursday, and left Saturday. It wasn't a very warm weekend, and we spent much of it in jackets.
Friday, I sent Morgan with my parents to the ward gathering place. Our camp spot was pretty secluded from the rest of the ward. Anyway, I stayed in the trailer with Lydia until her morning nap was over. We both needed naps, as she cried all night long.
On our way up to everyone else, we met Morgan coming back. He was excited to tell me about going on a boat, his first time, he always wanted to go on a boat. I was bummed I missed it! And no picture to capture it.
Morgan spent most of the time there playing with the other kids, particularly his buddy Jack, who is in his primary class. He had a blast.

The little beach there had a spectacular view of the lake. So pretty. Unfortunately, it wasn't warm enough to get in the water, so Morgan had to settle for playing by it.

Morgan and Jack looking for sharks.

There was a swing set there, so that was fun to play on too.

We went home Saturday, bathed, did laundry, slept. Sunday we rested, enjoyed Fathers Day. Monday we got ready, and went on a huge family campout. Coming soon.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Time for a haircut

Morgan recently-ish got a haircut at the Grandpa barber. He commented that Grandpa was faster than Mommy.

Finished product.

Also, Lydia likes pickles. She makes funny faces every bite she takes, but she keeps taking more bites. Love it.

Morgan has always been a pickle eater.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Finally, outside play

It warmed up, for the most part. So we've been able to play outside. Yay!
Morgan has grown to like toy guns.

Still need to work on his stance. :)

Lydia in her stroller. Just a cute cute baby.


I'm still playing catch up. I just went on two camping trips, totaling about 1 1/2 weeks of it, and have a bunch of pictures and stories. But I'm still way back in May or something.
These are just some cute photographs.
You can kind of see Lydie's spacey teeth. I think it's adorable. By the way, she grew two more while we were camping. Two more on the top. Now she has 6 teeth.

While teething, Lydia makes a funny scrunchy face and breaths rapidly through her nose. It is so funny. Here is what it looks like.

Morgan has a pair of cheap goggles. They don't actually work to keep all the water out; we've tried them. But they sure do make good photo-ops.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Ready for more adorableness?
When I took these pictures, Lydia had just learned how to pull herself up. Now she's a pro, and is starting to walk along the furniture, rather than just stand.
Sometimes she even lets go of the furniture and stands briefly without support. She is fun to watch as she learns and grows.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Morning surprise

A couple weeks ago I got up to get ready for church. Lydia was in my bed, (as she usually is, come morning) and so I was careful to not wake her up. I didn't turn the main light on. Son she woke up anyway, and was talking happily to me. I even went and said good morning. However, it wasn't until I turned the light on and picked her up that I noticed this:
Her bloody face. GASP! At first I thought she had a gash in her cheek. But no, it was just dried blood from her bloody nose. It was also on my bed, and pajama shirt, though I didn't notice it there until later that night.

The Faces of Lydie

My Lydie May is so adorable, and is looking older all the time. (Maybe because she is getting older all the time?) I just love her.

She can climb the step out of the sunken living room. I don't know how she would handle a whole staircase though. I haven't let her try.

She can clap her hands.

Lydie with Grandpa Martin

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crawlin' to the toys

Lydia learned to crawl on my birthday. She didn't take off as quickly as Morgan did, once learning the steps, but she goes everywhere now. It was fun to see where she choose to go, once she had the control.
Her favorite places:
The fireplace. Lots of hard surfaces to bump, wood bits to eat, and ash shovels to bang.
My purse/Diaper Bag: Yes, we have discovered the "take everything out of the bag" game.
The toyboxes: A treasure trove.
Here are some pictures of Lydia playing by the toybox after crawling to it. She was just learning how to pull herself up. She's a pro at that now, and can pull up on anything she can reach.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Parade America

I have been having some major computer issues lately, one after another, so it's been awhile since I've been able to upload pictures. But I finally did, so can start blogging again.

About a month ago, sometime in May, we went to a parade. Morgan was thrilled, and had been talking excitedly about it for days. We parked in Grandpa and Grandma Nelson's driveway, and walked a block down to a great spot for the parade.
The day was one of the few nice days in May. Even used sunscreen.

Lydia was happy and pleasant the whole time.

Morgan spent his time on the lookout for the candy. He had fun watching everything go by.

As I was looking at the pictures I uploaded, I came across one that made me stop for a moment and wonder, then laugh out loud.
We were at Wal-Mart, and as I was paying for the groceries, Morgan found my camera in my diaper bag. Before I realized what he was doing, he had snapped a picture of the obviously thrilled checker. Ha! I confiscated the camera, apologized to the kid, and promptly forgot about it. What a happy reminder. :)