Monday, August 18, 2008

Tom Tom One

For Aaron's Father's Day/Birthday present he got a new gadget. A nice navigation unit for the car. It really is pretty cool and will come in very handy on our trip to Missouri. He loves his Tom Tom. Though, that won't be the name, but he does want to name it. The name of the selected voice is Mandy, but he doesn't approve of that as the name for his precious. He may or may not have settled on Mad Madam Mim. Welcome to the family.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Beep Beep!

Today Morgan got a favorite dump truck and his Elmo doll and put them together. As Morgan stuck Elmo in the truck he was saying, "Drive". Elmo can drive.

Look at the excitement on Elmo's face! No doubt he's having a blast!


We have a boy child, there is no doubt. Morgan loves cars. He loves the car video game, he loves the books about cars, he loves seeing them on the street and he loves his toy cars. A lot. He's insisted on sleeping with them a couple times. Who needs a teddy bear when you have a little fire truck to cuddle up with? (Though he still made sure to bring Elmo with us to dinner last night.)
The little yellow and red cars came from the dollar store recently. They are his current favorites. Yesterday he had one in each hand on the ground and said, "ready, set, go!" and then pushed them both across the kitchen floor. I didn't even know he knew about the whole ready, set go thing!

This is just adorable


Aaron has recently decided that he will let Morgan play with remote controls, whereas before they were strictly off limits, so that he can figure out how things work. He even helped him take apart and put together the batteries of one remote. So now the play station controller is no longer off limits. See how naturally he has taken to it? I fear a future when it is hard to get him to put them down, though I think it's cute for now. :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

War of the Water

In our master bathroom we have both a shower and a bathtub. To keep Morgan out of mischief I sometimes put him in the bath while I shower. Many mothers would not do this because it is probably irresponsible. I can't see Morgan from the shower. So, before I got in the shower I filled up the tub for Morgan. When it had a sufficient amount of water I turned it off. Morgan threw a bit of a fit, but it didn't last long.
When I turned off the water in my shower I heard the water running in the bath. Oh great! Morgan had turned it back on, probably not long after I jumped in the shower, and the water was almost up to his shoulders! So maybe my plan to keep him out of mischief is a failure.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Narcissism and Hygiene

If I shower when Morgan is awake, which I often do, he usually ignores the movie I put on for him and makes his way to the bathroom. Since I am preoccupied, he finds that he gets away with things that he otherwise wouldn't. Lately his favorite thing to do is climb up onto the toilet and from there climb onto the counter. Then he sits inside the sink and stares at himself in the mirror and talks a giggles. Thankfully he's stopped turning the water on while he was there. He also brushes his teeth. I've recently put a Morgan toothbrush in the toothbrush cup because he kept trying to use Aaron's or mine. (Sorry Aaron!) Sometimes he used a screwdriver that happened to be on the counter. :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Trip to Rexburg

On Tuesday I was talking to my sister, Stephanie, on the phone and we jokingly talked about me going up to Rexburg where she lives to watch her kids while she looked for a job and interviewed and such so she wouldn't have to hire an inexperienced teenager for a few hours. The next morning I was driving with Morgan to Idaho. My first road trip alone. No problemo.
We had fun while there, and Stephanie even got a job!

Thursday we went to Rigby lake to play. It turns out that Morgan is rather afraid of the water. Or maybe it was just too cold for him. He was okay with the very shallow part and loved playing with the sand toys. The water wings ended up being superfluous since he didn't venture out past mid shin. He wouldn't even let me hold him out in the deeper water.
I happened to snap this shot exactly when he put the shovel of lake water to his mouth. It was a full time job to keep him from trying to drink the lake.

Whereas Morgan was timid, his cousins were fearless. They had lots of fun swimming around and even dunking there heads under water.

After a HUGE tantrum that night that lasted way to long, Morgan finally conked out. See how peaceful he is when asleep?
Friday morning it was time to go home. Morgan decided to resume the tantrum. Stephanie decided to document it in pictures. Morgan would only go where I didn't put him. If I wanted him upstairs in the apartment he would try to go downstairs. If it was time to go down to the car, he tried with all his might to stay upstairs. I have no idea what he really wanted, and I kind of doubt that he knew either.

Driving tends to make me drowsy. So, in order to keep my eyelids from drooping we stopped at a rest area on the way home. Morgan was much happier this time. It was quite a pretty stop. When we got back into the car to go, I immediately fell back into the sleepy mode. Tell you what, that makes a four hour drive seem much longer! Though it ended up being a five hour drive since there was traffic and construction everywhere.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I love you Sony Ericsson W580i

Out at Dugway where Aaron works, there in the middles of the desert, there is only one cell phone provider and that is AT&T. We had T-Mobile and in order to change would have to pay a $200 cancellation fee. However, T-Mobile just increased the rate of text messaging and in the contract it allows for the customer to get out without the fee if the company makes a change that negatively effects the consumer. So we used that excuse and now Aaron can have a phone at work. We got new cell phones with our new plan, and I tell you what, I am in love. My phone is so cute! I have never been like this over an electronic gadget, but I saw this phone and even though it wasn't on the list of free ones that come with the plan, I opted to pay the $10 for it.
As I get older, I get girlier. Pink is becoming more and more appealing to me. So how could I resist when this little precious pearl came into view? It's pink and shiney and makes me feel all princessy. It slides open to show the key pad which has little pink gems between the numbers. When I get a text message it whistles like someone thinks I'm cute. It has mp3 capabilities and an FM radio. Ah. I like to keep it on hand, just because my heart hurts when it's too far away. :) I love you Sony Ericsson W580i!!


I've been wanting to get my hair cut for a long time now. It was long, boring, and unhealthy. So, Friday I finally went and did it. Our budget required that I not go somewhere nice or fancy for the cut, so Dollar Cuts it was. Aaron also got his hair cut.
We went into the place and were told that it would be about a 20 minute wait. Okay, we can do 20 minutes. Almost an hour later it was finally my turn to get my hair cut. I told the lady that I wanted it about shoulder length with layers. And the swoopy bangs. Something similar to this
So the stylist started clipping away. There goes the hair, here come the bangs. Then suddenly she hands me a mirror so I can see it in the back. My hair is shorter, and maybe a tiny layer, but that's not what I wanted at all. I try to explain again, and she cuts to about the right length. She gives me the mirror again and I tell her the length looks good. Then she takes off the smock thing they have you wear. I was done? But I didn't fight it. Aaron had been taking care of Morgan, so he couldn't get his hair done yet, we'd already been there for far too long and we had lots of stuff planned for the afternoon.
So, my hair is just chopped. Straight across. I like the bangs, but I don't like the cut at all. I feel like a little girl. I wanted to be perhaps stylish with my hair, something I have never been, but alas, I am not.
I curled it for church today, so you can't tell how dumb the cut looks. But theres the length and bangs.