Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Story time with Morgan

Morgan likes to tell stories lately. A lot of them have common themes, but they all crack me up. I will now have Morgan tell me a story and I will transcribe it here. Word for word.

Once upon a time there was a Morgan. And Keemseeks. They can go down the waterfall, they can swim down the waterfall. There was fishes and whales and sharks. Then, the big tv comed to help. They can walk lot of times. And then there was a cave. They had a sharp teeth cave. And then they a lot of tvs come to help, then dump trucks come to help too. Then two Shreks come to help, and they can walk by themselves, and they have some toes, and they can walk, a lot of times, they can. Then they bounced to they air! Then they fall down the waterfall!! And a lot of dinosaurs come to help, and they had real sharp teeth, but they weren't angry! They liked it a lot of times. The end.

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