Thursday, July 29, 2010

Swimming Lessons End

Yesterday was Morgan's last day of swimming lessons. I do notice a difference in him from the first day till now. He certainly can't swim, but he's more confident in the water. And while he still won't put his face under water by himself, he doesn't freak out as much when he is dunked. Like bellow, they are doing bunny hops to the wall. Meaning they got dunked several times on the way to the wall.

The kids got to go off the diving board and down the slide a couple times. The slide is kind of lame. Most times the kids go really slowly, and stop before they get to the end. Then they have to scootch off the edge.

Morgan LOVES anything involving jumping, so jumping off the diving board is a big treat for him. This is the only way that he will get his head wet by himself.
He can pretty much surface by himself after jumping in. He just needs help getting back to the edge of the pool.

Morgan got a little certificate, which I reckon oughta go in the baby book. He also got a grape soda. He was excited for it until he realized that it's "spicy." He still can't handle carbonation.

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