Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nelson Reunion

This past weekend was a Nelson family reunion. It was from Aaron's great-grandparents on down, so there were lots of people there, most of whom we didn't know. However, most of Aaron's aunts, uncles, and cousins were there, so that was fun.
We arrived at the site Friday evening. It was just a little ways up Spanish Fork canyon. The site had a covered pavillion, a playground, a river, a volleyball court, and a very busy train-track near by.
We camped there for two nights. Morgan had fun running around with all the other little kids, particularly Aaron's nine year old cousin, Grace. She took Morgan around and watched him and played with him for most of the time. It was wonderful! He loves her.
There were some crafts and games Saturday. Morgan colored his paddle ball. At first he was being very careful and coloring in the lines, etc. Then he got bored.

Oh, and he has decided that pink is his favorite color. Usually his favorite changes on a daily basis, but he has stuck with pink for a long time now.

Morgan also made a patriotic necklace. He put all the beads on by himself, I just gave them to him one at a time so they would be in the right order. However, I was very surprised that all the lettered beads ended up right-side-up.

The adults played a game. You fill a brown paper bag with water and toss it backward over your head. The trick is not letting it soak too long, otherwise the water soaks through and rips the bag. After your toss, you have to stand on your bag and hope that you don't get pummeled by the next toss. It was a great reunion game.
Aaron cheated. He turned around and did a side arm toss. See? His bag was one of the farthest though.

It rained a lot on Saturday, but that didn't stop Morgan from wanting to play. Here he is playing on a tractor in the rain.

Lets do a flashback. This is from the reunion two years ago.

The main event of the reunion was the auction, which is actually a raffle. With Jana's help, Morgan and I did exceptionally well. Morgan won a bug net, a wooden rubberband gun, and a water cannon. I got FOUR baby blankets. Two receiving ones, and two crocheted ones. Now I am all set on the blanket front. I also got three girly burp rags. Then I won some precious gems. Seriously. A real ruby, emerald and tanzanite.
The second night, even though I was 8 months pregnant, sleeping on an air mattress, with trains going through regularly and blaring their whistles, and hearing our tent neighbors snore, I slept very well. Exhaustion will do that.
A fun time.


angela said...

What fun making cousin memories. Good job on getting some useful stuff from the raffle

Anonymous said...

I love the concentration look on Morgans face as he is putting a bead on. That is just so priceless.