Monday, August 30, 2010

Preschool workbook

We got a little preschool workbook for Morgan recently. I started doing it with him every day last Monday. He LOVES it. He asks all the time if he can do it, and it's turned into a good motivator to clean up his toys. I limit him to five pages a day.

So far we've been doing two letter pages a day. He's still working on his fine motor skills.

Then we go on to a couple pages of things like, circle the two that match, or, circle what is different, or circle what goes together.

Then he's been doing a coloring page.

Those are done now, so we'll move onto other preschool basics, like numbers.

Every completed page gets a sticker, and when he finishes, he gets a sticker for himself.

A lot of the work is stuff he already knows. He's known his letters and sounds for a year now, I think. He can usually figure out what letter a word starts with. He knows shapes, colors, numbers, all the easy stuff.
Oh, a funny. He's recently figured out rhyming. Yesterday in church a lady was speaking in sacrament meeting and said something like, "and he lay down...lay? Lay?" She wasn't sure if lay was the right word or something, so repeated it a couple times. Then Morgan proved that he does listen a little bit when he hopped up and loudly said, "Bay!" The woman sitting in front of us told him what a great rhymer he was.
I'm so glad my little boy is so excited about learning! He's so smart.

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