Friday, August 6, 2010


I went to the doctor a couple days ago for my normal check-up. However, this time my doc did a little ultra-sound to determine the position of the wee one. It turns out that it isn't a foot that keeps finding a little niche behind my right ribs, causing me discomfort, but a head! That's not good. I still have four weeks to go, (at least) so she has time to turn, but not much! In two weeks they will check again to see if she has turned and if not they will try to turn her manually by manipulating her externally. I hear it's very painful and not always successful. I want to avoid this. Oh, and if they try and fail, I will be expected to schedule a c-section, something else I would like to avoid at all costs.
So, I will be doing little extra things that are supposed to help. My doctor suggested being on my hands and knees, well, elbows and knees, for ten minutes at a time, three times a day. I've tried this. It makes my already aching pelvis even worse. But I will keep doing it.
I looked up other methods to turn a baby naturally. I found a website that has the best 17 ways to do so. I will share with you some that made me laugh the most, or seemed most ridiculous.

3. Headstand - with assistance and in a pool frequently as possible.

5. CD/iPod headphones - place them inside mom's pants toward her pubic bone and play classical music for 10 minutes 6-8 times a day.

8. Clothespin - place on the small toe of each foot at the outside corner of the toenail; sideways so that the toenail and toepad are stimulated for 30 minutes per day, this is an acupressure point that is a "moving down" point. You can also do this with just finger pressure as you remember to do it.

Who knows? Perhaps I will get desperate enough to walk around with clothes pins on my pinky toes.


Smullin Family said...

I hope she turns for you,the less intervention the better BUT I have had 3 c-sections and they aren't that bad...quite nice in fact. The day and time are scheduled, the hosptial stay is longer for recovery (and more sleep, cuz the baby can be in the nursery) and a sore tummy is better than a sore bum, in my opinion. So I'll hope for the best for you, but just know that a c-section isn't the worst thing that could happen. :)

Lora Dawn said...

Luring her downward with good music is a funky idea. I think I like that. Certainly less painful than the alternatives.