Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aaron turns 32!

Aaron's birthday was on Thursday.
We didn't do anything fancy to celebrate. We just stayed home with just the three of us. I made him one of his favorite dinners, and after we'd had time to digest, we had cake and icecream. Aaron's cake does look juvenile, yes. Morgan saw the little candy letters in the store and insisted that Daddy's cake needed them. Then he helped me decorate the cake. Morgan also insisted we use the "3" candle. So we did.

Aaron only had one present to unwrap due to online shopping and slower shipping times than anticipated. The present was from my folks. We like the fun, strategic, European games.

While I was writing this the mail came. In the mail were the presents that I got him. Yay! So now his birthday is more complete.

Morgan also made him a card with a picture of Aaron in it.
Happy birthday Aaron/Daddy, we love you!

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