Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jason's mission

Last Wednesday my younger brother entered the MTC. My parents drove him down Tuesday, so I hung out with them while they were here. Then Morgan and I tagged along with them the next day.

After a stop at the drivers license bureau for a driving record, we drove up the hill toward the MTC. However, we still had at least an hour to kill before Jason was supposed to be dropped off. So we hung out at the Provo temple grounds. Took some pictures.

Jason with Morgan.

Jason and I, photographically documenting our stomach sizes so we can compare to what they will be when he comes back. :)

Morgan had lots of fun with the many fountains. I didn't stop him from playing in the water like maybe I should have. It was hot!

Soon it was time to drive across the street. So, before piling into the car, we said our goodbyes. You don't really get much of a chance to do so at the MTC curbside dropoff these days.

We pulled into the MTC parking area and were directed by many missionaries. We pulled up to the curb, I got out of the car to do some filming, as instructed, while Dad, Mom and Jason got all his luggage out and arranged. There were young Elders there to help with that, (I swear one of them was no older than 14) and then Jason was escorted into the building. We were not.
By the time we got back in the car and realized that Jason forgot his underwear, (tee hee!) he was long gone. So one of the many missionaries milling about had the honor of delivering Jason's brand new unders to him.
Mom didn't even cry until we were eating lunch later. Does that mean she loves Chris more, the older brother over whom many tears were shed as goodbyes were said? :)

I've set up a blog for him. When he writes letters home, I will post them on the blog. Same with pictures. Most of you readers don't know him, so won't care, but for the very few who know him, and the even fewer that will care, here is the link to the blog.

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Quaero Veritas said...

I don't think that there were many many tears during my farewell thing.
She isn't sad Jason is gone, she is happy.