Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Lagoon Trip

A week ago our stake had a stake Lagoon day. We were issued discounted tickets and a parking pass. We took this opportunity to go.

I am very pregnant, so we knew that I would be restricted from riding many of the rides. But we bought me a ride pass anyway, thinking I could ride some, and we would do the Lagoon-a-beach thing.
Oh, and this was a surprise for Morgan. He did not know we were going to Lagoon. We drove past it though and he jabbered all excitedly about fun rides, the circus and just fun fun fun. Then we pulled into the parking lot and he said, "We're not going to Lagoon." He does this frequently to help himself not get his hopes up. Like, he knows we have a family campout planned soon, so he's excited for it. But he also knows we have to wait a long time for things sometimes. So he says, "We're not going camping." It's a reminder to himself to not get too excited. Anyway, he said, "We're not going to Lagoon." all dejected like. I said, "We're not? You don't want to go to Lagoon?" He persisted, just a little bit. "But we're not." But daddy kept driving toward the parking ticket booths. Then Morgan said, "We are?!" Then he was thrilled.
When we first got there we did a few rides for Morgan. He was much braver than last year.
I was expecting to be able to ride the little kid rides with Morgan. I mean, really, how dangerous is a ride going to be to a pregnant woman if it is perfectly acceptable and safe for a 2 year old? But I was dismayed. Little ride after little ride had the "no pregnant woman" sign. So Aaron had the honor of riding them with Morgan.

But...then I got disgusted with it. Really? I'm not allowed to ride the stupid fish? Is the squirting water going to cause a miscarriage? I think not. So I got in line with Morgan. It was our turn and the little teenager operating the ride said nothing at all about me being pregnant, and I rode a ride. And I didn't go into pre-term labor or anything.

The day we were there was quite warm. Hot even. It wasn't long before we decided to go to the water park. I hadn't been there for years and years, so I had no recollection about how lame it was, especially if you didn't want to spend $5 to rent an intertube.
They had a decent kid area though, and Morgan just took off going down all the slides and not caring that his parents could barely keep up with him. But let me tell you about the finish that they put in all the pools. It's like gravel. Gravel that they glued to the cement so that walking in your bare feet is very painful. Soon your feet will be raw. It's about the worst idea ever.
While we were there, Aaron stepped on a dragonfly. It was squishy. While we were there, Morgan stepped on a bee. It stung him. Or bit him. Then it died, and Morgan cried. Not because the bee died, but because his foot hurt! And Morgan had to walk around on the gravelly pool bottoms with his newly stung foot.

We finally convinced Morgan that it was time to get out of the pool. We rode more rides.
Aaron went on re-entry by himself. That one seems like maybe there was more reason for a pregnant woman not to participate.
Morgan and I got very warm while waiting for Aaron on this one, and the Hydroluge was right there tempting us, so we rode that next. I had been watching people get off that ride. They often had wet bottoms and splashes here and there. I thought we would get a little wet, but not much. I didn't expect the thorough soaking that I got. Morgan only got a little wet, but I was soaked head to foot. And since we were already wet, we went over and rode Rattle Snake Rapids. Morgan and I were drenched, Aaron got wet too, but not nearly as much.
Soon we realized that it was much too late in the day to go on that ride. The sun started sinking and the temperature cooling. Morgan and I started shivering in our still wet clothes. But we didn't leave, not yet.
Some other rides I went on: the train, the sky ride, the ferris wheel, the dragon roller coaster, tidal wave, and the carosel, even though I technically wasn't allowed to. Not one person said a thing about it though.
Morgan LOVED the sky ride.

Morgan is such a socialite. He would stand in line for a little kid ride and make friends with the kid standing next to him. Then he and that other boy would often ride together. Best friends. :)
See this rocket ride? Morgan is in rocket #5. Facing backwards. My parents have a home video of me on that same ride, in that same rocket, (I choose number 5 because that's how old I was) and facing backwards. The difference being that I was the only one on the ride in the video. Morgan is facing his good friend from the picture above so they can shoot each other.

We left around 10:00, thoroughly exhausted. The next day my pregnant body punished me for all my activity of the day before. I hate round ligament pain!

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Quaero Veritas said...

SO the guys in the lift off ride with Aaron actually look like they are posing for you as well. Ha ha

Anyway it looks like you had a blast. That is great. Hurray for fun.