Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Cruise: Fun Day at Sea 2

Saturday was our last full day aboard the ship. We slept in, ate when we wanted, hung out on the peaceful third deck with our books, and tried to fit in as many trivia type games as we could. After dinner we headed to the Ivanhoe theater for Gender Showdown and then the Ultimate Gameshow or something.
Gender Showdown was basically Battle of the Sexes. The first part of the game was the intellectual part. The host announced that the first ten men and ten women on the stage would be able to participate. Since Aaron and I are both far too proud and consider our selves beyond your average intelligence, we went up on stage.
This is how the game would go. A girl would be asked a guy question. She had to answer it by herself, and if she couldn't, the question would go to the guy team to answer together. If they got it wrong, the point would go to the girl team. Then the guys got a shot. Also, if it was your turn to answer a question by yourself and you got it right, you got a little cruise ship medal.
Like you see us wearing below....

This is one of the knights all around the theater.

Anyway, Aaron and I both got our questions right. Mine was ridiculously easy, but Aaron's was quite difficult.
Girls won.
That was fun to participate.
Aaron tried to get on for the gameshow bit, but the competition to get on stage was much more fierce.
We watched part of Julie and Julia on deck that night as well.
And that pretty much was our last day.

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