Friday, January 1, 2010

Top (bottom) ten of 2009

Last year I chronicled the top most memorable things of the ending year, and this year I will do the same. But this year is a doozy.
In chronological order.

1. The year started out without much drama. So it wasn't until April that things of more importance happened. And it all seemed to happen at once. In April we moved from Saratoga Springs to Dugway, where Aaron worked. No more three hours in the car a day for Aaron. No more huge gasoline expenses. We've really liked living out here, so it was a good move.

2. Also in April we finally found some tenants for our empty house in Caldwell. We'd pretty much been paying the full mortgage since we moved, so this promised a great financial boon.

3. In April, (or maybe late March) after almost a year of trying, we got that positive pregnancy test.

4. May brought my second consecutive miscarriage. It started on my birthday. Both of my miscarried babies were supposed to come in December. But each time December comes, when I should have a brand new baby, or even a one year old, my arms are empty.

5. The worst news of the year was yet to come. In July my husband confessed his drastic change in religious views. To me, this was devastating and my hardest trial to date, one that will continue for life.

6. Remember those tenants that promised so much financial boon? Well, they pretty much never paid rent. They were finally evicted in August, leaving the house and yard a mess and in need of repair.

7. Early October my Grandpa Turley died. He was only 78 and seemed like he should have had many more years in him. We went to his funeral in Missouri. He is missed.

8. Also in October my book was published. Finally some good news! It's been great fun seeing my work in print and hearing the overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who read it.

9. In November we got some maddening news. Our empty house in Caldwell had been vandalized on the inside. Just mindless destruction. What a headache. Fortunately our insurance will pay for the repairs, (with a $1000 deductible) so it's not ALL on us. We're still waiting for that to all be fixed so we can FINALLY rent it out again.

10. In November we took a family vacation to Southern California. We saw family, went to amusement parks and the ocean, and even Vegas, and had a great time!

So there you go. My top ten. But mostly bottom ten. I count three positive things. Moving, getting published, and the family vactation. Can we just say I am ready to leave 2009 behind me forever? I sure hope there are more positive things this year.


A*Waite said...

Wow, what a year. Great miracles and wonderful blessings are to come in 2010. My heart goes out to you for so many reasons.

Tiffany Vincent said...

I agree 2009 was not a stellar year, very glad to leave it in the dust!

Nancy said...

I'm glad a "new year" comes along every year so we can leave "bad" years in the dust. I don't know you THAT well, but from reading your blog throughout the year, you seem pretty optimistic even through trials. You've got an adorable son and you're a wonderful Mommy to him. I'm glad we're blogging friends and I HOPE 2010 is a great year for you and your family!

Erin said...

After reading your list I have to say some shocking things I never new about the second miscarriage and I am a little unsure about # 5 my heart goes out to you I have been through the refiners fire in 07 and 08, 2009 was better and I am hoping for a stellar 2010! If there is anything I can do let me know, you will be in my prayers. BTW where is that second book?? HA

Sara said...

Oh my gosh Melanie! I didn't realize all the crazy horrible things that have happened over the year. Good bye and good riddance 2009! My mouth just about fell to the floor when I read about your house being vandalized. We had tenants in our rental who we had to evict due to not payment, and they trashed our place too. But nearly as awful as your place. It just makes me mad all over again seeing that.

I pray 2010 is a million times better for you!

Sara said...

Oh, and wanted to add. I'm so so sorry about your second miscarriage. My heart goes out to you.

SouthfieldFam said...

Well 2010 HAS to be better than 2009! Sorry that it was such a rough year!

Bobbi said...

I am so sorry to read about some of these things. I truly hope that this new year brings some wonderful blessings into your life.