Thursday, January 14, 2010

First day of school!

Tuesday was Morgan's first day of preschool! Some ladies in our ward and I started a co-op preschool for our kids. There are five kids, and five moms. We'll have preschool on Tuesday's and Thursdays and rotate teachers each week. Morgan is definitely the youngest. Two of the kids will start kindergarten this fall, two will start next fall, and Morgan will start the year after that. But, seeing as how Morgan already knows most of the letters and their sounds, I didn't think preschool would be too hard for him.

So, after we did some school shopping and sufficiently hyped up preschool to Morgan, the first day of school came. I had to get the pictures of him ready to go. He hammed it up, like usual.

I decided that I would stay with him the first day. I wanted to make sure he was good, and I wanted to get ideas for when I teach. I got ideas. The teacher was great. But Morgan...not so much. The other four kids were fantastic. They listened, they participated, they obeyed. Morgan was kind of a brat.
Time to color: "I don't want to color!"
Let's all go sit on the rug for songs. "I want to sit on the couch!"
Everyone stand up for this song. "NO! I'm sitting down."
Morgan sneezed, can everyone say bless you? "Bless you". Can Morgan say thank-you now? "No." Let's wait for Morgan to say thank-you. *grunt*

Oy, he was horrible! It was embarrassing. I wondered if my presence made him worse, so I probably won't ever be staying again. But then, if he would have just been naughty anyway, maybe I should stay to help keep him in line. Or maybe he's a year too early for preschool.

But I think he'll learn a lot if he stays. Not only how to interact better with other kids and adults, but he'll learn the pledge of allegiance, he'll master the alphabet and numbers, and he'll learn how to write his name. He knows how to spell it, but he lacks in the fine motor skills for writing it.

So, right now Morgan is at preschool. We had several talks after Tuesday about proper behavior, and I think he should be better. I have two hours to myself! I can't figure out what would be best to do while he's gone. Should I take this time to clean? But that's boring, and I can do that when he's here. I could exercise, but, once again, I exercise with the wii fit, and Morgan likes to play that with me. I could certainly use this quiet time to write my book. So many things I could and should do, but I'd really rather just curl up on the couch and read.

I sure hope he's being good.


Kevin said...

Great job -- for Morgan AND Mommy. He's still testing his independence and I'll bet you're right, he'll probably do better with just the kids and the teacher. Expect some testing again when it's your turn to teach. But he'll figure it out. He learns quickly ... and he has a wonderful Mommy ... and a Daddy who reads to him (loved the reading pictures). Love, Dad

Lora Dawn said...

I vote you get to read or write while Morgan is off learning to follow social cues!

Smullin Family said...

I agree with Kevin...ditto, ditto.

He'll probably be less naughty if his mommy's not there (or atleast you don't have to witness it and the other mommies can handle it). And expect "something" when it's at your house. I've been doing pre-school with Abree for the past 2 1/2 years and she can be quite "naughty" at our house. I think it's because she doesn't like sharing her mommy or her stuff. She gets really bossy and yucky.

I'm so excited that you're doing this. I've loved doing it these past few years. If you need any ideas, I'm oozing with them. So many I can't do them all. :) I would LOVE to help. --This year we're even working on more kindergarten-ish type stuff. They're learning site words, how to tie shoes, letter names/sounds, patterning, etc. Fun, fun.

SouthfieldFam said...

He is such a caerma ham! I LOVE his variety of poses! I think being naughty is aboys way of dealing with something new. Ryker took his IRI test this week and when he came out he missed EVERY letter! He looked at me with this HUGE grin and said, : "Mom, I tricked my teacher and now she thinks I am SO dumb!" He's know his letter since he was Morgan's age! Boys are twerps is my conclusion! adorable twerps we would be bored without!