Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And now, we feast!

Remember this? Lovely.
But that has to come to an end. And indeed it has. After Christmas we started pillaging our gingerbread house of it's color and decorations. But after taking down the Christmas decorations, there was still a lot of the gingerbread house left. The only Christmas thing left up. Plus it was taking up a lot of space on the piano. So, to speed along the process I put it on the piano bench, in easy reach of a candy loving three year old.
Not so pretty anymore. You can tell which candies Morgan isn't in to. Not a fan of red hots or the peppermint candy canes. And since all the good candy was gone, well, Morgan decided it was time to feast on the icing itself. He'd take a stick of it and just chomp down.
Whatever floats your boat. He even ate half of the gingerbread door.
And just so we're clear, Morgan didn't single handedly eat the candy from the gingerbread house. His mother helped him a great deal. Too much. His daddy didn't help enough.

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HappyClimate said...

You should have seen my sister's gingerbread house after the two year old twins got to it. I was babysitting. Obviously not paying enough attention cause in a very short time the whole thing was demolished and on the floor. It was out of control!