Monday, January 11, 2010

Reading with Daddy

Daddy put Morgan to bed last night. I looked in Morgan's room and found them reading together like so. Awwww.

Note the book. Chika Chika Boom Boom. I found it at the library and checked it out. Several years ago when I worked in a Kindergarten class, the teacher read this book to the kids often, and they loved it! Soon they all had it memorized and would recite as she read. So I thought I'd try it with Morgan and he loves it too. I don't know what it is about this book that is so successful. It's a cute story and the rhythm and rhyming are great, but there are other books with those attributes that aren't as universally loved. Oh well.

Don't mind the mess by Morgan's bed. When I put him down for a nap he reads all of his books instead. He takes them out of the book shelf and throws them in a big pile on the floor when he's done. He has lots of books, so the pile gets big.


Martha said...

Dallin loves that book,also! He's already learned a lot of the alphabet because of it, and he's only 2. There's definitely something about that book. :)

Kevin said...

I love picture. I'll bet Morgan totally ate up that his daddy gave him some attention. Love, dad.

Nancy said...

Jaron does the same thing with his books. He ends up with a huge pile on the floor and says he's read them all. Hahaha.

Smullin Family said...

Kids may love the book, but I don't really. When I read it, there was something about it that I didn't love...maybe the rhyming seemed off beat... it's probably just me. :)

Love the daddy picture though. Fun!