Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vacation: Day 3

Day three of the vacation we kinda just hung around for the morning, playing Guitar Hero and chatting. After lunch though, some of us, namely, Teresa, Solomon, Grace, Morgan and me, went to a place in the hills called Oak Glen or something. They had shops and apples and a petting zoo. I don't think we'd ever taken Morgan to a petting zoo before, but he wasn't afraid of anything. We had a cup of dried corn that the animals liked to eat. Morgan would just stick his little hand filled with corn right up under their noses and let the animals lip or lick it off. I tried a couple of times, but couldn't help but jerk my hand away on first contact. Morgan is much braver than me.

Here he is feeding the llama. It didn't spit at him or anything. :)
Ready to feed the goat.
Petting the sheep. Unless that's a long haired goat...
Morgan put the corn on the gate for the cow and was delighted when it was licked off.

Apparently goats like playing on firetrucks.
A fun picture moment with Aaron's cute cousins. Morgan loved playing with them.
That night we went to In-n-Out for dinner, then a 3D movie, The Christmas Carol one. It was actually pretty fun. Morgan got a little scared though. That may have been my first 3D movie experience. I liked it. A great day overall.

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