Monday, November 23, 2009

A meeting with Santa

Dugway had a Christmas bizarre at the gym last Thursday. At around 5:15, Santa arrived on a firetruck. Morgan and I got in line to see him. I had no idea how Morgan would do. He didn't see Santa at all last year, and the year before it was a scary moment for him.
I told Morgan that he would sit on Santa's lap and Morgan could tell him what he wanted for Christmas.
Our turn came. Morgan climbed the two stairs to the little stage, then hesitated. I gave him a little nudge and Morgan made baby steps to where Santa Clause was sitting. He stopped just out of Santa's reach and declared. "I want cars!"
Santa got up a little and lifted Morgan on to his lap. Morgan didn't protest. He and SC had a big conversation that I couldn't hear because it was really loud in there.

It kinda looks like Morgan is about to be strangled here...
All the little kids got a package of some junk toys. (Tiny yo-yo that doesn't work, jump rope that is too light to work, little frisbee thing, a useless plastic bubble vaguely shaped like an animal, and a working kazoo.) I assume that Santa told Morgan that he was going to give him a present as he set him down, because while Santa rifled in the box next to him, Morgan took off to the other side of the stage to choose a present among the wrapped boxes acting as props. But he eventually understood.

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Tiffany Vincent said...

Morgan looks so cute and grown up! Great santa pictures!