Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I generally don't do book reviews on here. I read lots of books, and I like lots of books that I read, but I haven't blogged about it before. What book gets the honor of my review? Why, Villette, by Charlotte Bronte.
It's rather huge. But why does that matter? It doesn't. So pretend I didn't mention it.
I liked Jane Eyre quite a bit, but I don't think it had the same impact as Villette. It was slower to start, and yet, it never stopped me from reading. It is beautifully written, with seemingly little effort. There is nothing ostentatious about it; it's very sincere in feeling. And such feeling! How, Miss Bronte, did you give this book a soul? How did you give me all of Lucy Snowe's emotions without even telling me what they were? How did you make it so real?
Beautiful in it's simplicity; complex in it's reality. Truly fine literature.

In other news. I finally got my copies of Future Glimpse! Is it weird that I'm going to read that next? Because I am! Unfortunately, no one will ever be able to rave about it's fine writing or intense feeling, as I just did about Villette. Ah well, it's still entertaining, if I do say so myself.
Let me recommend it by the reviews of others so far.
From my aunt:

We got ours and Christina is almost finished. The printing is wierd but I like the story line. I am on chapter 6 since Christina left it home today. It keeps my interest so that is a plus. Good work.

From my other aunt:
Geri here. 'Just read the first seven chapters of your book Melanie. I like it a lot! 'Had me laughing right out loud! 'Can't wait to read more!
Also from her, speaking of her teenage son:
Nate started reading it today and really likes it. I read some more tonight. It's great!

Then from my former boss:
I did finish it, and I liked it a lot. Sequel in the plans?

**This is from my cousin's wife:
Melanie, so my mom is visiting us and she ran out of books to read during her stay so she picked up your book and honestly could not put it down! she even stayed up really late the day she started it just so she could finish it before bed...I am really excited to read it!

So there you go. Besides my mom and a couple brothers and a sis-in-law, who also liked it, I think they are the only ones to read it. So, from what I can tell, it's 100% approved!


Erin said...

I just started reading your book. Finally got some time. I am loving it, and if I do say so myself the cover looks great!! Congrats

HappyClimate said...

I like how it looks alot. I haven't read the actual final copy but I have read the draft you sent me and I really like it. You are amazing!

HappyClimate said...

Oh and i was going to tell you. I went to my sister's the weekend previous to Halloween not the same day.