Thursday, November 5, 2009

Growing boy!

We have this cute growth chart thing that Morgan got from his great grandparents Nelson. I try to measure Morgan on his birthday and half birthday. So, every six months. So I measured him on his birthday.

He was being so silly and making crazy faces for the camera.

In the last 6 months he grew 1.75 inches.

In the last year it was 4 1/2!

Such a big boy! We have a few 4T sized clothes, and even though he just barely turned three, the 4 year old clothes fit him nicely. I haven't taken him to his yearly well-appointment, but I imagine they will tell me that Morgan is extra tall. And smart. :)


Anonymous said...

Morgan is so funny. I love the faces he makes.

HappyClimate said...

That is a funny picture of him. No I am not dating other guys but for some reason I have had a lot of boy drama. That is what I meant when I said they are coming out of the woodwork.