Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Traffic Jam

Morgan has a car road rug in his bedroom. He's had it for about a year and a half, but only very recently has started noticing it. He finally realized that it's a great place to play with his many cars. And look, this is how he plays with it.

That's pretty much all the cars he owns. He has more, but they are good and lost. I've searched under couches, in couches, under the fridge, under beds, in the wrong toy boxes, in the car, and haven't found them. So, maybe some other kid has them now. Mater and Sally and Chick from Cars are among those lost, which Morgan misses. Sort of. He just pretends other cars are Sally and Mater.

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Nancy said...

Jaron has a rug like that in his room and it cracks me up when I go in there and all the cars are parked perfectly in their parking spots. He also has a city thing that he can build and he makes big traffic jams in the toll booths. Cracks me up. Happy Thanksgiving!!