Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

We went to Idaho for Thanksgiving. We stayed with Aaron's parents, but on Thanksgiving day headed to my parents' house. My dad's brother's family came too, so it was lots of fun.
Before we ate, some of us played football. This tradition usually includes the next door neighbors and a homemade trophy, which the winner of each year keeps. But this year they were out of town, so we just played with our cousins. Still fun.

Then we had dinner. Yay!

Friday I got up early to go shopping at 6:00. First stop: Wal-Mart. I met three siblings, one sis-in-law, one cousin, and one Jonathan there. There weren't even any lines there! Next stop: Shopko. The line zigged and zagged through probably about ten aisles. All I know is that it took FOREVER. We also went to Kohls, huge line there, and Ross. Ross didn't appear to have special sales, but we still seemed to get the best prices there. After five hours we were finally done.

Without even a nap I went and played Volleyball with the family. Fun fun fun.
This is Morgan on the way home between two big boys. He loved it.
Saturday was spent with the Nelsons. I went to see New Moon with Chanel and Arielle. I must admit, I loved it.
Morgan helped Grandpa hang Christmas lights.

Yay for Holidays.


Smullin Family said...

It's fun to see "Grandpa Kevin"
(Grandpa Nelson to you )with Morgan. So cute.

Shelly Merryweather said...

Makes me miss your family. I am glad that it was fun. :)