Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Halloween Post

I love me some Halloween. The festivities started for us on Friday night at the ward party/trunk-or-treat. Morgan and I dressed up.
Getting Morgan all ready, however, proved to be a little dramatic. For some reason Morgan really resisted the mustache. He's got a funny identity thing going on lately, and I think he thought that maybe the mustache would make him not Morgan anymore. We had a hard time calling him a train engineer even, because he would get angry and say, "No, I Morgan!" He really has a hard time understanding that you can be two things at once. Like, I'm Mommy, but I'm also Melanie, also a wife. To him, that idea is very disturbing and he easily gets upset.
Anyway, back to Halloween. We got Morgan's mustache on, then the train.

This train was trickier to make than it might seem. I lasted through most of the trunk-or-treat, but toward the end one of the straps detached.

I was a gypsy. We found these perfect gypsy shoes at D.I., along with the rest of the costume articles.

We had our dinner, played the games around the building, (fish-pond, bean bag toss, cake walk, etc) then did the trunk-or-treat.

Here was Morgan's haul that night. 3 bags of Doritos, baby!

Saturday night we got Morgan ready again, and he was most eager for his mustache. Infact, he cried in protest when I wiped it off that night. Weirdo.

I switched my costume up just a bit the second night. Switched the shawls. The picture was taken at a most unflattering angle. Ick.

In Dugway, the trick-or-treating rules state that the hours for doing so are between 6:00-8:30, no sooner, no later. The train really didn't last long this night, but that's okay because the engineer outfit alone was plenty cute.
I saw an owl. It hooted woefully adding to the ambiance of the holiday.

A police man pulled over by Morgan and I to give Morgan a glow stick! Phew! I was worried that I was going to get in trouble for jay-walking.
Aaron and I switched roles around 7:30. He took Morgan around and I handed out candy. This was the first year in our marriage that we actually had trick-or-treaters. And a lot of them too. How fun.

Check out all the candy that Morgan got! This is combined with the previous night's loot, but still!
He got 6 of those huge pixy sticks. Must be the year for them.

**I totally stole the train idea from a friend who used it on her son last year. Lets give credit where credit is due.


Lora Dawn said...

Hey your shoes (and your skirt) get a big YES vote from me.

Morgan's face in his engineer pics is outrageously cute.

Kevin Nelson said...

Did you engineer that clever train idea? Thing like that boggle me--so cute. I loved the mustache.

Jana grandma

Megan said...

LOVE the mustache!

Nancy said...

Great job on the costumes!! Jaron's learning that dual identity thing too. He talks about "Nancy" but doesn't understand that it is also Mommy. So funny.

HappyClimate said...

I like the train costume! So stinkin cute. You were one hot gypsy I must say!

Kevin Nelson said...

What an awesome engineer. And what a haul. It took a train to haul his haul.

Where did you get those cute bibs?

I kinda like the Halloween hours in Dugway. Keeps people from knocking on the door late at night. We had our customary 6 or 8 trick-or-treaters. Chanel did the honors while Arielle had arranged a 3 couple date that roved across three homes (dinner-games-movie). She was Mother Nature and Chanel did her flower-face makeup.

I had a slumber party Friday night with Chanel and she got up at 4:45 to do her Halloween work makeup - a black eye and hideously real looking facial abrasions. She is scary good at effect makeup.

We love you. Dad Nelson

angela said...

Morgan looks ready for Cub Scouts with that train outfit.