Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vacation: Day 5

Beach Day. Oh baby. The only other beaches I've been to were in Washington in the winter in a bay, and Oregon. Which is never warm, not even in July and August. So, even though it's November, we were looking forward to our southern Califonia beach day because even though it was supposed to be low 70's, it's still better than anything else I'd experienced.
We packed up our swimming suits and towels and boogie board and headed out to Huntington Beach.
And it was really windy.
The wind was cold, insistent and plan changing. We left the swim suits and towels in the car and donned our jackets. But it's still the beach, and it's still cool. Cold or not, we had to wade in the surf.

Rolled up pant legs on adults is one thing, but when you're only 3 feet tall to begin with, having your pants rolled to your knees really doesn't do much for you. Especially if your an excited little boy who doesn't care wether or not your pants get wet.
Soon Morgan's shirt and jacket were getting splashed too, so I removed the jacket so we'd have at least something dry. A very fortuitous decision.

It wasn't long before the shifting water and sand under his feet caused a couple of spills for the little boy. We tried to stay very close to him to prevent that, but his bum was soon just as wet as the rest of him.

I really like these pictures.

When we were just about done in the water, Morgan lost his balance and fell into the shallow surf, and not just on his bum this time, he rolled over onto his back as well. Ugh. And brrrr! Poor kid was freezing.
We walked back to where are sandals and Morgan's jacket were deposited and I took off his wet tee shirt and replaced it with just the jacket. Then we hiked through the sand up to the parking lot and at the car we stripped his soaked pants and undies and put his dry swim suit on him. Oh, the irony. Then we walked up and down the pier and through a little farmers market. It was called a farmers market, but from what I could tell, there wasn't any food! Only jewelry and clothes and such.

We were a little bummed that we couldn't swim, (though Morgan did anyway!) but it was still a fun time at the beach.


Anonymous said...

I so love these beach pictures.

Stephanie said...

way cute pics! I love the one of Morgan. Hehe. I mean the one of Morgan where he's like double-angled... bent kinda toward the water. ok.