Thursday, December 31, 2009

Candy Land

One of Morgan's Christmas gifts this year was Candy Land. We play lots of games in our house, but Morgan is too young for most of them, so we thought it would be good to have a game that Morgan could play. We weren't sure how well he'd get it though.
We played it for the first time the day after Christmas. Morgan LOVED it immediately and did so well! He surprised us on how fast he picked it up. Pretty much he can do it himself. We only need to help him find the right spot occasionally. (He sometimes skips over the correct square if it is too close to where he starts.)
But he knows the rules. First you pick your color of playing piece.
Then you pick a card.
Then you do what that card says.

He especially loves drawing the special cards. (Icecream cone, candy cane, gum drop, etc). He's a good sport too. He doesn't care if he is one space away from winning and the next card he draws is the gingerbread man, taking him back to almost the very beginning. He doesn't care if he doesn't win.

I've played Candy Land with Morgan every day since that first day. Yesterday he bullied my mom into playing with him, (though really it didn't take much to persuade her) and right now he is playing by himself because mean ol' Mommy wanted to blog instead of play.

Who knew this would be such a hit?

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Nancy said...

I found the "Dora" version of Candy Land at the thrift store a few months ago and Jaron LOVES it!! We've played it for FHE numerous times and then played it again on Christmas Eve and he's been getting into it every day since then. He also loves Chutes & Ladders... if you want to get Morgan another game sometime. It's so fun how independent they've become!