Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Child's Nativity

We have a little Nativity set that Arielle made for us. When I decorated for Christmas this year, Morgan was very excited and interested in everything. I originally had this Nativity on top of the piano, but when we brought the gingerbread house home, we needed a place for it. There wasn't one readily available, so I took the Nativity from the piano and put the gingerbread house there instead. I put the Nativity in a place much lower to the ground. In fact, it's just about a perfect level for Morgan.
This is how I generally lay it out. Baby Jesus in the middle, with the other characters surrounding it and facing slightly toward the manger, but mostly out to the room.

In it's new home, I often find Morgan playing with it. I don't mind; it isn't breakable or anything. Yesterday before going to bed, I was turning a lamp off right next to this little table and noticed that my Nativity wasn't how I left it.
While Morgan played with it, he rearranged it into what is surely a more accurate representation of how the first Christmas night looked.
I thought it was so sweet, and showed such innocent understanding. I haven't done a very good job yet, teaching Morgan about Chirst's birth, but it would appear that Morgan already understands what is most important.

Which reminds me. A week or so ago, a lady from the ward came over briefly to speak to me about our shared calling. We had just decorated for Christmas, and Morgan wanted to share his excitement about it. So, while us adults were trying to discuss things Morgan was shouting, "It's Christmas time, it's Christmas time!" Then, to my surprise and pleasure, he said, "And Jesus time!"


Anonymous said...

That just touches my heart thanks for sharing it.
Love Mom

Erin said...

Cute! I have a fisher price nativity that the kids love to play with.

Stephanie said...

aaaww, that little nativity thing is so sweet! How precious.