Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas Eve!

We're so excited about Christmas.

A day or so ago we did a Christmas craft. We made Morgan some reindeer antlers.

This year we are staying home for Christmas. It will be our first Christmas alone, with just our little family, and we are looking forward to it. Also missing the family festivities at the same time.
But since we are a state away from our family, we have been getting packages. Oh what fun. One of the perks to staying home for Christmas. Yesterday we got a big box from Chanel. After removing the presents we had a big box of packing peanuts. What is one to do with a big box of packing peanuts? Well...

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Lora Dawn said...

Merry Christmas, Utah Nelsons.
Thanks for doing your blog. It's fun to keep up on your family.