Monday, December 7, 2009

Gingerbread House

My aunt invited us over to her house to make gingerbread houses. She kindly made the gingerbread and icing, and even provided the board to put it on. They had lots of candy, and we supplemented with some of our own.

First we decorated the individual pieces, then we put it together with the icing. Then we prettied it up some more and added more candy.

Morgan insisted on being in most of the pictures.

Just because he's cute.
Morgan helped my cousin Elizabeth decorate their Christmas tree. He loves this family.

They made a house too, but it had some issues staying together. In the end, they gave up on these particular roof pieces.
After I did all the landscaping, Aaron added little icicles to the house as the finishing touch.
We all had hot chocolate and cookies too. That's my cousin Emily.

Our finished product. Nothing fancy. We aren't expert gingerbread house makers by any stretch. We're no Tiffany. :)
Now I need to find somewhere to put it.
Thanks for having us over, Martins! We had fun.


Megan said...

Those turned out so cute! Makes me wanna be crafty!

Lora Dawn said...

That is super cute. I'd be proud if I were you.

Lora Dawn said...

I like. Looks super cute in its tidy tinyness.

Danimum said...

That looks like so much fun!