Saturday, December 12, 2009

It can officially be Christmas time now!

Here is a run down of our day yesterday.
After lazing around at home for awhile, we got in the car and headed for Tooele. We were momentarily detained by two trains that were crossing the tracks. Morgan is really starting to get in to trains these days so we let him get out of the car to watch it. (When asked what he wants for Christmas he always says he wants trains and cars.)

We stopped at Wal-Mart for a few items, and upon returning to the car this is what we found.

Ugh! Someone crunched into our tail light and then took off. Wonderful. Don't mind the horribly dirty car. Not much you can do with the snowy, slushy roads.

Our next stop was Home Depot because I think that is the ONLY PLACE IN TOOELE that was selling real Christmas trees. We were getting really worried there for awhile as we crossed through the whole town, looking for Christmas tree stands and seeing zero. Home Depot is the very last place of business in Tooele, so if they didn't have any trees we would have had to go in to Salt Lake or something ridiculous.
But, like I said, Home Depot had trees. Phew! However, they had maybe a total of 18 to choose from. One rack of 6 had the tallest and most expensive trees. So we didn't even look at that one. Another rack of 6 had the shortest, and ugliest kind of trees. We didn't consider that rack. So, we had one rack to choose from, with 6 trees on it. There were two different kinds of trees, Grand Firs and Noble Firs. I didn't like the look of the Grands, and since there was only one Noble on that rack, the decision was pretty much made for us. Sometimes fewer options are better.
Morgan had a nice, (uncomfortable looking) nap on the drive home.

So when we got home we put on some Christmas music, (thank you Pandora) and decorated the tree. I love having a Christmas tree.

I have no idea why this picture wouldn't rotate. It did in iphoto. But I really like his funny litte super star pose.

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