Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Little Too Much Adventure

Our weekends generally include at least one trip to "town." This weekend was no exception. We had some small errands to run, then we were going to make a fun night of riding TRAX from Midvale up to Salt Lake, where we would get off at Temple Square to see the lights. Since we would be spending much time out in the cold I brought along Morgan's winter hat. He wore put it on himself in the car, along with some old 3D glasses he found. I couldn't resist the pictures. Crooked hat and silly glasses.

We got Morgan all excited for the train and Christmas lights, and were on our way.

Riding the train. So happy!

We joined the throngs of people on Temple Square to enjoy the lights. It was COLD though.
We even stopped at the assembly hall and watched a free choir concert. Very nice. By now we were cold and hungry though, so we headed back to the train. We got on around 7:20, I want to say, and began our trek south. However, we only went for a stop or two. The driver came on to announce that, "I'm sorry, but this train will not be able to go any further south. Please get out and walk to the court house station." Ugh!! We had no choice but to obey.
Along the way we saw the flashing lights of a firetruck in the distance. We approached and saw also two stalled trains, the yellow police tape, and articles of clothing strewn across the pavement by the train. What? I just found out what by looking it up. It is quite gruesome, really. Apparently a man tried to ride the connectors between two train cars and during a turn either fell off, or jumped or something just as another train passed. He was pulled under the train he rode, his leg was severed, then was hit by the passing train. Suffice it to say, he didn't live very long. That happened at about 7:30. Here is a report of it.
We eventually made it to the next stop, where a crowded train was waiting to go further north, but was also stalled. We stood in the cold for quite awhile, regretting our little plan for adventure. Soon the standing train was emptied of passengers and changed over to a southbound train. Oh goody. We didn't like being stranded in down town SL. We boarded the train and waited several more long minutes before the train left. And Morgan was squirming the whole time with a full bladder.
Finally, we made it back to our cold car. We found a restaurant and a bathroom, then headed home. We arrived home at about 11:20. Oy.


Kevin said...

Wow. What an adventure! But it sounds like Morgan still had a good time.

kura2025 said...

Oh Trax...and peabrained Trax riders.