Sunday, December 20, 2009

Move the star down!

A couple years ago at a Relief Society Super Saturday thing I made a cute little Christmas countdown thing. This year when I got it out, I explained to Morgan that everyday we would move the star down once, and when it gets to the bottom it would be Christmas. I don't think I really expected him to get it, but I was proven wrong.

Most days he excitedly reminds me to "Move the star down, Mommy!" and he watches with glee as I do.
Sometimes he will get very excited about the presents under the tree and want to open them. I remind him that we have to wait for Christmas to do that. So, using his three year old logic, he will tell me again to, "Move the star down."
I love how excited for Christmas he is. It's really quite delightful. He often requests me to sing Christmas songs. If we're listening to them on the radio in the car he spouts out with, "A Christmas song!" He tries to sing along, even when it's clear that he doesn't know the song. Occassionally we'll hear him sing, "Felee navida." He couldn't choose a worse song to latch on to, but it's cute anyway.
He's very tuned in to everything Christmas. Santa Clause's, lights, the manger scene, everything. He asks Aaron and I what we want for Christmas, as well as some adults at church.
Little kids sure do bring the excitement back to Christmas.


Kevin said...

Melanie, I love the countdown nativity. No wonder Morgan's excited about it. 3 - 5 are about the perfect Christmas years. Love, Dad

Chad said...

I love that countdown!