Friday, January 9, 2009

Top Ten

Aaron's family, I believe, has a new years tradition where they list and share the top ten most memorable things of the year. Good and bad. Just the ten that had the most impact, I do believe. I may be getting their tradition all wrong, but I am going to do it that way now. These will be in chronological order, not in order of importance.

1. Layoff- Late in February Aaron was unexpectedly laid off. As you can imagine, that was a trial which changed much in our lives, but not necessarily for the worse.

2. The Move - April 4th we left our home in Idaho for one we would make in Saratoga Springs Utah. Obviously this has had a big impact on our lives. We like it here, and our ward and the people. My only complaint is the distance from family.

3. Getting pregnant - Shortly after we moved we learned the glorious news that I was pregnant, after several months of trying. Oh the joy and excitement.

4. Miscarriage - On Father's Day, when I was 12-13 weeks pregnant, the evidences of a miscarriage were first manifested. Two days after that marked the worst day of the year, perhaps my life, and is a memory that I'm happy to leave in 2008. May this year have better news.

5. Camping - But life goes on. In early July we went on an awesome camping trip with my whole family. It involved four wheeling, sight seeing, chatting around the camp fire, giant moths, and dirt, dirt, DIRT!

6. Reunion - In August we went to a Turley family reunion. This is my mom's side of the family. There were over 100 people there, yet it was only my grandparents and their posterity. No great-aunts, or distant cousins. This was all just close family. And it was awesome.

7. Missouri trip - Not only did we attend the reunion while on our vacation, we also did some sight seeing and camping. We went to Nauvoo and Carthage jail, and even hit an amusement park on our way home. All this with my brothers family. All seven seats in our Durango were taken. There was no spare room anywhere.
I decided to have these two things separated, rather than together, because they are separated in my mind.

8. Morgan's birthday - Morgan turned two. My little baby became a full-fledged toddler. No longer a baby, but a little boy. *SIGH*

9. Glimpse - Ah, my book. I put a lot of time and effort into this project and it was a great day when I finished writing it. Obviously I still have lots of work to do on the road to publication, as is my goal, but getting the story down was a big step.

10. Holidays - Oh golly, what holly jolly time they were. I shall keep them together as I am only allowed a top ten, not top eleven. So, Thanksgiving, here at our house with Aaron's family, and Christmas up in Nampa with both families. Good times. Good times.

So there was my year. The great, the good, the bad and the really bad.


Erin said...

I think after reviewing my last year and a half, that I am glad it's over. So many good and bad things happen throughout our lives we just need to have the faith that we need to know that Heavenly Father always knows what is best!!

Smullin Family said...

I believe that this year will be much better than the last! "I'm going to shine in 2009!" or something like that. :o)

HappyClimate said...

I enjoyed this entry, I think I will do it too. We need to definitely look to the past and see what has happened and learn from it.