Monday, December 29, 2008

The Christmas Post

Oh boy what a fun week we had. But since it was so fun, of course I didn't get many pictures of anything. That's just how I roll. The pics on here will pretty much be the only ones I got.
So, our adventure started around 4:00 p.m. on Sunday when my brother Jason and his girlfriend Shelly arrived at our house. From there we got our SUV all loaded up with everything and everybody and started our treacherous journey to Nampa Idaho.
The whole back of the car was loaded high with luggage and presents. Here are the excited occupants of the trip. Well, at least the ones in the backseat.

We were told to beware of the Sweetser Pass, or whatever it's called, as it was reported to be treacherous. But we got to it, got through it, and kept going without a snowflake or an icy patch on the road. Yay! Then we got to Burley. Then there was a storm. Then we were in the middle of a blizzard the rest of the way to Nampa. We saw many cars off the road, and even a jack-knifed semi that blocked some of the freeway, and was facing on-coming traffic. But we made safe and sound.
One day we played in the snow. We hooked sleds up to the fourwheelers and were dragged around the two acres of yard that my parents have. Total funness! Then we decided to ride the ATV's down the road to the lake. My parents live on a hill with a nice view of Lake Lowell and the city. Anyway, so the lake was frozen and we all trekked out onto it. It seemed pretty solid to us.
It's hard to look pretty for a picture when your annoying brothers are pelting the back of your head with snowballs. So, no, not a smile, a cringe. A worried cringe.
The participants of the icy lake adventure were; my brother Chris, his wife Christine, brother Jason, his gf Shelly, my dad and myself. At one point, when we were as far out on the ice as we dared venture to that point, Dad told us to stand together for a picture. I was the last to join the group posing for the photo, and when we were all just about ready we hear AND feel a huge CRACK running under our feet. We simultaneously started quickly shuffling toward shore in a panic. Dad said he got the picture when we were all looking surprised. I can't wait to see it.

The days at my parents house were spent playing Rock Band, Foos ball and board games, singing Christmas songs around the piano, caroling to neighbors, chatting it up, eating junk food, and even playing volleyball at the church. Fun times. I even organized a girls night out so I could finally see Twilight. I liked it. I was prepared for disappointment, but actually ended up really liking it. Yay.

Throughout the whole week my inhaler was my constant companion. Both Aaron's and my families have cats, which I am very allergic to. So the first couple days in particular, I wheezed and wheezed and overdosed on my albuterol just so I wouldn't die. I hate asthma.

Wanna know what I don't hate? Christmas. I love Christmas. But I regret that I only took a couple pictures on Christmas day. None of them had Morgan in them. Oversight! Anyway, we actually did our Christmas morning at my folks house, then around noon we decided to go the the Nelsons. We were there (and with time to spare) in time for breakfast, and even watched everyone open all their presents. Aaron's grandma got all the girls these aprons, so of course we have to have a picture.
On Sunday we packed up and drove home. We were very happy that all the roads were clear of snow and ice and made pretty good time. We did stop at a rest area. There was a huge snow drift covering the entrance to the womens bathroom, making it pretty tricky to get in.
When we got home our roads were plowed. Nice. What was NOT nice was that it caused a huge mound of snow by our driveway. But we have a big 4 wheel drive SUV, right? We can handle that kind of thing. Right?? Apparently not. Our Durange remains high-centered in our snowy driveway. We don't even own a snow shovel.

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Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Here's hoping your car has finally melted off its axle.

It's positively balmy here.