Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Clay creations

Last night Aaron and I got out the sculpting clay. We considered adding to our nativity scene, but we really aren't lacking any characters. We already have two inn keepers, for pete's sake! So we just made Christmas tree ornaments instead.
So, I took off my rings to keep them clean and we popped in a movie and got to work.
Aaron made the adorable snowman. You can't see the cute stick arms in the picture. Hmm, and I didn't get a good angle for the face either. :( Well, Aaron's ornament turned out super cute! It's hard having a husband more creative and artistic than me.
I made a reindeer. Rudolph. Wait, what?? Sigh. When I was most of the way through my creation I realized that I had made a cat, not a reindeer. A cat with four hind legs. So, I gave in and added whiskers and a reindeer headband, rather than actual antlers. But boy oh boy was this thing frustrating! There were times when I just wanted to throw it across the room and give up. It sounds like I have rage issues, right? Maybe. Maybe.

At one point Morgan came and stole the incomplete head of my reindeer-cat, which wasn't attached yet, and lost it. While searching for it I found my CTR ring on the ground. Not where I left it. That's when I noticed my wedding ring was gone too. So a search commenced. We found the head, but not the ring. Morgan's bedtime had approached so I went and put him down, then returned to finish my ornament.
We looked more for my ring. We looked under the couch, under the cushions, we got on our hands and knees and raked our fingers through every inch of carpet, (our carpet is great because you can't see where it's dirty, but you also can't find anything little in it!) we looked in the box of clay, on surfaces, under surfaces, everywhere. But we didn't find the ring. Maybe Morgan threw it into the Christmas tree. So we shook the tree, looked under it, among the presents, in the Christmas tree stand filled with water, but no luck. We got desperate, so we searched in the garbage can, in the bowl of soup that Morgan hadn't finished, in the toilet, in drawers and cupboards and backpacks.
And guess what? Still no ring. So we looked everywhere AGAIN. We don't have a very large living area, and we were certain Morgan didn't go upstairs. So it had to be in the living, kitchen or bathroom, all of which were thoroughly scoured. At 11:30 we decided to call it a night, confounded that Morgan had been able to hide the ring so professionally.
Earlier Aaron had asked if the ring could have been in Morgan's clothes somewhere. I had already changed him out of them and into pajamas and hadn't noticed anything, but when we went upstairs I snuck into Morgan's bedroom and found the clothes he had been wearing. I shook out his shirt, then checked the pants. They had pockets near the knee which were shut with a Velcro strip, and in the first pocket I checked I found my ring.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like all three of your are very creative: snowmen, reincats and pink panthers.

I'm so glad you found your ring. Life...what an adventure.

Love, Dad Nelson

Megan said...

When Echo was little she would take to hiding our car keyes and Jered's work badge! What fun! Glad you found me! I really enjoy your blog!
I still think it would be fun to get together with you guys sometime!

Tiffany Vincent said...

I happen to think the reindeer-cat is way cuter than the snowman, and took a lot more creativity! You go girl!!!!!!

By the way, glad you found your ring, there is nothing quite like the panic of looing your wedding ring. Been there done that.

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

I laughed & laughed over how your deer turned into a cat unexpectedly.
Like your right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing. Or maybe you blinked at the wrong moment and Shazam!

I love all of you guy's clay creations and hope the tradition continues.