Monday, December 8, 2008

O' Christmas Tree!

Saturday night we went and got our Christmas tree. (I swear they weren't this expensive in Canyon County Idaho. Here they charge between $6-$9 per foot of tree, depending on it's fullness.) The first place we went you couldn't get a tree for less than $42, and we weren't too keen on that. So we drove a little further and found a place that had trees shorter than six feet tall, so making them a little more affordable with the pricing system.

Morgan wasn't feeling very well, making the experience a little less exciting for him. But he still had fun. Though, when we told him we were getting a Christmas tree I think he heard trick-or-treat. That may have been disappointing. :)

Brrr, it's cold!

Silly Morgan hiding from the camera!
Decorating the tree. Aaron feeling silly because he has to pose while stringing the Christmas lights.
Adding the tree topper.
Morgan likes the tree, and runs to look at it first thing in the morning. He also likes taking ornaments off so he can put them in different places. (Usually the ground.)

Here is the spot of tree that Morgan decorated. He didn't really understand how we were getting them to hang, so he just threw the little balls into the tree. There are at least three in one spot here. We dug more out. I bet some will be thrown away with the tree because we won't be able to find them.
And voila! The finished product. Note, there are already presents under the tree. I guess that I have no self control when it comes to that. I LOVE wrapping presents for reasons unknown, and once I am in possession of a gift that I will give, I have to wrap it immediately. And once they are wrapped, why not put them under the tree? Morgan is interested in them, and was excited when he first saw them, but when I tell him no, he can't unwrap it, he complains but actually listens. Phew!

They are finally removing the huge over-filled dumpsters that have been decreasing property values for months!


HappyClimate said...

THat is a great tree. I am the same way when it comes to wrapping, I get all excited and want to wrap it right away, I have a few under my tree as well.

Anonymous said...

Your tree is so cute, unlike the Nampa Nelson's tree. Our tree is filled to the brim with sentiment but completely lacking in esthetics. Still we love it.

I think Morgan doesn't understand the concept of "decorating", rather, probably considers it a Christmas decoration version of Where's Waldo. Instead of decorating the tree, maybe he's just having fun hiding things.

Love, Dad Nelson