Thursday, December 11, 2008

Security blanket

Morgan has never been one to attach himself to things. He wasn't attached to a binkie, a blankie, a teddy or anything. Until now.
Ever since his birthday in October it has been a rare occasion to see Morgan without his Lightening McQueen car. Oh how he loves it!
This toy isn't even two months old yet, but look how used and chipped it's already looking!
Not only is it McQueen he always totes around, it is also this red car. Morgan has to have them to sleep, to watch a movie, to go anywhere. And we recently have had success in getting him to put them down before coming to the dinner table. We had a few meltdowns prior to our success.
Oh, and the cutest part is that Morgan even named the little red car. He calls it Sally. He obviously got the name from the co-star in Cars, but seriously, kiddo? Do you think they look alike?
He has another red car that is also a favorite. He named that one Spider-Man. I think. He says "muh-man" which is what he calls Spider-Man. I'm anxious to see what happens when he gets the actual Sally car. Oh, exciting!


Lora Dawn said...

Morgan makes me laugh.
Such a fun world he makes for himself.

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

Has he totally traded in Elmo for McQueen?

Melanie said...

He still likes Elmo, but not nearly as much. However, recently he's started playing with Elmo a little more, (since just before you came for Thanksgiving) and has wanted to watch it more regularly too. But McQueen is still his favorite.

Smullin Family said...

We have an obsessed McQueen fan in our family too..Treyson. He's getting old enough to have outgrown Cars characters but hasn't.
He's also been obsessed with Toy Story characters, Nemo and a few other Disney/Pixtar movie characters.