Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Book Boxes

A few weeks ago I wrote a post wherein I mentioned there would be a forthcoming post written AFTER Christmas. Well folks, it's after Christmas, and it's time for that post.
This year Aaron made his sisters a gift. I think it's awesome. First we went to DI to find some used books. Originally we were just going to find the biggest ones we could that were in good shape. But we ended up getting a couple copies of the old Readers Digest books, due to their cool hard covers. It's a good thing we got them that small too, because even those took forever to do.
Aaron made book boxes. Fun, right? A little secret compartment in the book for your secret treasures. I want one.
First, Aaron glued the pages together. Then came the hard part. He used a little exacto knife to cut out all the pages. I think he could successfully get 15 or so pages out at a time. But it took some work, and made a mess.
When he had both books hollow, we looked through the pages that were cut out and found some of the best pictures from the stories and pasted them into the books. So, here are the finished products with their new owners. Good job Aaron!


Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

I can attest. These were totally cool boxes, irregardless of the mini Reeses cups. Who wouldn't want one?

A&M, thanks for your company. Hundred million thanks for sharing Morgan overnight. Bazillion thanks for the new photos. I love the candid look--everyone laughing and Morgan's bare foot exposed.

Stephanie said...

oh for coolness! What a thoughtful brother! I want one, I'm legally your sister, Aaron. :D Very impressive.

Chanelson said...

These are the awesomest cool little books. I still haven't decided whether to hide my most precious bits in it and camouflage it on my bookshelf or whether to display proudly so that everyone can see the wonderful outdoorsy-romance story pictures.