Sunday, December 7, 2008

An account of my life

Back to the slopes. This is my second ski lesson of the three. I just explained how I fell during the lesson. Joseph, if you'll remember, is my cute ski instructor.

January 20 2002

Joseph came over and told me how to get back up. That was embarrassing. He is soo cute. I really like him. He is very nice though. Good teacher too.
I can’t wait for next week. I get to see Joseph again!

And here is the third and final ski trip. I explained how we went up the quad ski lift which took you to harder hills. This particular lift is called the quad because it holds four people at a time. My class was small, and since one person was missing, all four of us could go up at the same time. Here was a chance for me to use my skill in maneuvering to the right place to make it look natural for me to sit next to my crush.

January 26, 2002
We went up that 4 times for the lesson. Twice I sat by Joseph. ☺ (In the journal I have lots of hearts around his name here.)
Before I knew it the lesson was over and I had to say goodbye to Joseph. ☹
And, a funny story.
Once I was going down the one next to the bunny hill, and going side to side, like I do. I looked up the hill in time to see a snowboarder crash and slide right toward me. I couldn’t get out of the way, and he slid into me, causing me to fall…right on top of him, and we were sliding down together until we stopped. Here was our conversation afterwards. Me-“Sorry.” Him “No, I’m sorry, it’s my fault, I ran into you.” Me-“Yeah, well I got in your way,” Him “Here’s your ski” he hands me a ski that ended up on the other side of him. Him “I haven’t exactly mastered this yet.” Me- "Neither have I.” Then he left. He was really cute. I think he had an Australian accent.

I thought the conversation warranted a word-for-word accounting why? Oh, probably because it was with a cute boy, and I was a part of it. Something noteworthy indeed.

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HappyClimate said...

These entries are so funny. Sorry about the devotional we should have given you guys more notice. Sometimes I forget that it is harder for people who are married and have kids to just pick up and go. Sorry about that.