Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Melanie Diaries

Feb. 1, 2002
Dear Journal, I feel at a loss. I don’t have another ski experience to write about. Last week was the last lesson. ☹

We have a new seminary class. A lot of old people, but a lot of new. Now there are 2 more seniors, so I’m not the only one. Zach Taylor is one of them. He sit’s right next to me. I had a crush on him when I was younger. He is still cute. Grrr, tiger.
Grrr tiger? Tee hee. Didn't I know anything? It is obviously, "Cheetah, Grrrrhah!"

Feb, 13, 2002
Oh, Dad had his b-day! He is now 46. Wow-that is closer to 50 then it is to 40. Can you believe it? Old.
Ah, what can I say?

Here I was at a concert of InsideOut, and A Capella group that I loved. I was standing in a crowd surrounding the members of the group waiting for my turn to get autographs when the following occurred.
Feb 24, 2002

I was standing there waiting, and this guy next to me looked so familiar, and I couldn’t quite place him. By the way, this kid is so cute. Like, verrrry cute. So, without my permission, my mouth opened and said to him, “What’s your name?” Kinda dumb, I know. Well he looks at me a little confused and says, “my name is Ben." Well I wanted his last name, but he didn’t give it to me. Besides, I had an inkling of knowledge of who he was, so I said, “Gann?” He said, “Yeah, how’d you know?” I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it didn’t really answer his question. I think then I said, “you have a brother on a mission in Australia right?” he said yes, then I said, “so do I.” I don’t know why I brought that up. I’m dumb in those kinds of situations. He still didn’t know how I knew him. So I said “Wayne Martin." He said, “it sounds familiar” but he still looked confused. So I said, “Chris Martin?” Nope. “Stephanie Martin…” I said, Then I finally I said “BFA” Enlightenment. “Oh BFA. I was wondering how I know you.” I actually didn’t know him there. Our Dads worked together in Utah and when we both moved here, about 5 years ago, we went to the Kuna caves together. They were also in our Homeschool group for awhile.
Oh what a funny conversation. I find it quite amusing that I actually never told him how I knew him. By the way, BFA, (Benjamin Franklin Academy) was a private school that we both went to in Utah. But like I said, I didn't know him there. I only knew him later. Also, as a younger sibling is prone to do, I used my older siblings as identification.


Stephanie said...

that was my birthday. You didn't even mention that it was my birthday!!!!!

HappyClimate said...

That is so funny! I love reading yours and Stephanie's blogs, they keep me laughing I don't know why but sometimes I tend to get too serious, we all need laughter to keep us going.

Chanelson said...

Ben Gann!! HA!
He's one of my friends now! I know him through Leslie. In fact, she's going to see him tonight because he's just getting home from Basic Training.