Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Lights



Nancy said...

Wow, that's impressive. Probably WAY better in person.

Stephanie said...

it's real! I was showing my kids some of the previous years from this very family on youtube just the other week! My favorite was the one they did with music box dancer and the bouncing lights so I was happy to see they did that this year too! How far is this from your house? How did Morgan like it?

Smullin Family said...

That's funny.
I just saw this same house on one of my friend's blogs. She was claiming it to be her house. Of course her next door neighbor commented saying that she hadn't noticed.
Cool stuff. I'm glad someone takes the time and effort to do that. We put a few lights up, a snowman and 2 spiral trees and called it good. (And even that took Jason a good 3 days, after work.)

HappyClimate said...

That is so cool! Jason has told me about things like this it was cool to see it. How do they do that!? I am curious to know.

Chanelson said...

That looks so cool.
I'm so excited! You're gonna be in Nampa in just a couple of days!

Oh, and I got my blog all up and going. Here we go again.

Smullin Family said...

PS-I just found out there's a house like this in Meridian. We haven't checked it out yet, but I hope to before Christmas.