Thursday, November 13, 2008


It's finished! The novel which I have been writing for oh so long, is finally finished. Well, the story is all down. I still need to work on editing and proof-reading, but that seems comparatively easy. It seems to me that I am a strictly one-draft kind of person though, so I don't know how much editing I will actually do. Every paper I've ever written for school and college was pretty much done when I finished writing it. Meaning, my rough draft doubled as my final draft, excepting minor changes with spelling or grammar. My grades were pretty good, but it's not like any of the papers were published. I want my book to be published, so maybe I should just buckle down and do a second draft. :(
I shall call it Glimpse.
I have 286 pages, though we estimate that in real book language it would be a little less than that. Maybe. However, I haven't added in my chapter breaks, so it will maybe be more than that. Especially if I make the chapters short, like I like them.
Anyway, I'm pretty excited to be finished with the bulk of the writing and my mind is already thinking of what I will write next. I have many ideas.


Aaron said...

Congrats Melanie, and I love you! I'm so so very proud of you!

Dean & Candice said...

What an accomplishment! Way to go!

Erin said...

I am excited for you!! What is the book about?? (if you don't mind me asking?)

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

WOW!!!! Find a way to celebrate,

When we get there, I want to pick your brain about your writing process. Fiction-writing has always boggled me. So I have a million questions.

Lora Dawn said...

I'd be thrilled if I were you!

Cool entry, Aaron.

Luke said...

Congratulations, Mel!

I, too, would love to pick your brain about fiction writing :)

I hope to see this on the bestseller list someday soon.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Melanie. I'm excited for you. But with Morgan as active as he is, when has been your best writing time?

Love Dad Nelson