Saturday, November 1, 2008


We had a fun night. It started with getting dressed up. Well, getting Morgan dressed up. I wore one of Morgan's new hats, and I tried to get Aaron to wear one, but he only had it on for long enough to take the picture.

First I gave Morgan a bit of scruff. Some five o'clock shadow. But Aaron had a better idea and he ended up with a shnazzy mustache. So cute!

Morgan was adorable and really ended up loving the whole trick or treating thing. We'd go up to a door, I would ring the bell and Morgan would knock until someone answered. :) Then I'd tell him to say Trick-or-treat, and sometimes he would do his best and say "treat". He didn't want any tricks! Though, once he said, "heck!" Where'd that come from?
Oh, and most of the time people would let Morgan choose which piece of candy that he wanted. Mistake! He wanted them all! So he'd try to take handfuls and cram them into his bucket. So then I'd go to put back the candy that he stole while apologizing, but many people would be like, "oh, it's okay." So he'd end up getting more than was originally allowed. Thinking back though, I wonder if they were saying it was okay after I apologized, rather than giving him permission to take all he wanted. Hmmm... But his hands are little, so handfuls never really amounted to more than three pieces.
I often wished they would just give Morgan the candy, rather than let him choose, for another reason too. When he picked them, more often than not he took the dum-dum suckers! Or the tootsie roll suckers. Or Smarties. Those where his candy of choice. Come on Morgan, take the chocolate! The candy bars, Morgan! M&M's! Mommy doesn't want to share with you if all you get are dum-dum's!
Morgan was also scared of decorations. One of the first houses we visited had one of those bowls with the automated hand that moves and makes noises. Morgan screamed. It was hillarious, but from then on he didn't want to get too close to some of the more decorated doors. Sometimes even pumpkins made him wary!
Oh, and the weather. When we started we were thrilled with how warm it was. We brought jackets, but didn't wear them. The best Halloween weather that we could remember. And then it started to rain. It rained off and on all night, but really, it was still warm enough that we didn't need to put on our jackets.

His Elmo bucket was completely filled with candy. He made out pretty good for a two year old.


Nancy said...

I love the mustache!! He's so cute!

Jana Lee Bumblebee said...

He look like a rascally sheriff. And what's with the fuzz on Aaron's face? And which neighbor handed out full-size Hershey Bars? You gotta remember their address for next year.

Employee's children trick or treated all day in our office. Several friends asked if Morgan would be coming in. Bummer. I missed the swaggering little sheriff.

Employees also had a costume contest. Elvira showed up with the authentic "equipment." But she couldn't beat the biker chick in full flesh voluminous body suit, leather bitsy bikini top & mini skirt, with red satin thong straps on display.

Which supreme court judge said he couldn't define obscenity, but he could identify it when he saw it?
I'm with him--I've seen it. My poor eyeballs.

I'm glad Halloween was fun. As for ourselves, Arielle is gone the weekend to a band competition. Kevin & I hid out in the back bedroom with a bag of chips, a gallon of chocolate milk, tin roof sundae ice cream and 2 good movies.

Here's an interesting documentary you might enjoy: Young At Heart

Dean & Candice said... the stache! Love the goofy showing-off-the-stache smile more!

SouthfieldFam said...

That mustache is to die for! He is so cute!

tmataitusi said...

The mustache was the icing on the cake - he was so adorable! When Tali was 3 she would walk into the people's house when they opened the door. It took a few doors before she got the routine down that you stand at the door when they open it, say trick or treat and wait for the candy. She would just walk right in! When Brian was about 6, we walked so much on Halloween that he was up all night with severe growing pains! Ah, the memories of Halloween!

kura2025 said...

Cutest mustache ever!!

keith and arianne said...

what a cute little sheriff!